Coffee Talk #086 – Your Own Podcast – Just 30 Minutes a Week

Carol NewmanCoffee Talk with Carol Newman

James Martell is a leading expert in the affiliate marketing industry as a popular author, speaker, and host of the Affiliate Buzz and Coffee Talk. He also recently started a new journey as the founder of The School of Internet Marketing.

In today’s episode of Coffee Talk, James has a chat with Carol Newman, host of the BioGirl Health Show on Spreaker Web Radio. Carol is a very passionate advocate for women’s health, including natural and organic living. She lives what she teaches and has been quoted as saying “My life’s calling is to help women realize their full potential, achieve the best possible health, and embrace their true beauty.”

Carol lives in the small farming community of Richmond, Michigan where she lives a life that is close to the land and as natural and organic as she can make it. Carol says “living here has been a large part of my lifelong pursuit of natural health and true beauty.”

Carol also has a podcast which has dramatically helped her business…

Podcasting for Your Own Business

Listen in today as James and Carol speak about podcasting, and how you can also have the same opportunity as they do to have your very own show, allowing you to increase sales and build brand awareness.

You will learn that if you have an existing business, podcasting offers an exciting method of sharing your own stories and passion for your business to a growing audience. Hear how this can give you a very unique opportunity to separate yourself from the competitors, edging you out as leader in your industry, and dramatically increase your online presence…all in less than an hour each week!

The Ease of Podcasting

Carol likens it to blogging out loud…simply having a conversation, similar to having lunch with a friend. She also talks about organizing topics in advance, working with a professional host, and having the information well-organized ahead of time.

James and Carol talk about how you might be nervous at the thought of creating podcasts, but that it’s not overwhelming at all. In fact, take a look at their key points on why they believe anyone can do a podcast:

  • It’s easy to do
  • Takes very little time
  • Record from home over the computer
  • Increases your bottom line

As you listen to James and Carol, you will hear the ease of their communication with each other…as they are creating the very podcast you are about to listen in on.

James and Carol continue to discuss the importance of creating proper and professional introductions to the podcasts, as well as other vital and interesting information to make your podcasts top notch, such as mobile device apps, choosing topics, and planning ahead…and how it can all benefit each podcast.

All this information can help dramatically increase the online presence for your business as it can easily tie into Social Media. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, to learn how to utilize an hour a week to help boost your business through the easy process of podcasting to maximize your exposure!

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