Episode #28 – Your Website is the Hub. Why It Is Critical You Take Back Control

James MartellAre you a business looking to expand your online reach? Do you regularly partake in online marketing including social media marketing, blogging and email marketing? Are you wondering what the most important element of your marketing is? No matter what marketing avenue you focus upon, the importance of your website cannot be underestimated.

Your website is the central point of all your online marketing. Ignoring its importance will only diminish the results you could benefit from.

If you’re interested in learning how to help your website attract visitors, then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this podcast. In this edition of The School of Internet Marketing podcast, your host Nick Jaworski interviews James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing and Vice President of Product Development for jambMEDIA, about how your website is the hub for all your online marketing activities and why it is essential to take back control.

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By listening to this podcast you can develop a marketing strategy which will gain your business superior online exposure.

A Quick Recap

James begins the episode by giving a quick recap of what has been discussed over the past few podcast editions. This includes an overview on the surprising effect the internet has had on businesses. As James points out, this has not always been rosy and traditional forms of advertising are now falling by the wayside.

They’ve also talked about the checking of the internet footprint and how reviews are important to get a top search engine ranking. James has even discussed Google’s appetite for fresh content and how regular blog posting is likely to give you an advantage over your competitors.

The Centre Of The Wheel

In this edition they talk about the central part your website plays in the online marketing process. James likens the website to the centre of a wheel with all other elements like social media, blogging and email stemming out from it like the spokes.

James also points out that any marketing should start from the website. If the website has been designed properly, other internet marketing activities can be automatically updated from new content published on your website. This includes the updates to Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter and your email lists.

Work Smart Not Hard On Internet Marketing

Although there are some technical aspects, WordPress does have some good options for business owners to automate their marketing activities. For instance there is a plugin which converts an RSS feed to email which can then be sent to everyone on your mailing list.

This works when you are using an email service like Get Response. The online email service would automatically take new content published and insert it into a template you have designed to send to your email list.

There are plugins which can do the same for Facebook and other social media networks. These plugins are not limited to WordPress, but are available on Joomla and Drupal as well. James uses a plugin called Jetpack.

The Common Problem

James then moves on to talk about the common issue which every single business owner has: keeping control of their online marketing. This starts with having easy access to all the usernames and pass codes which are needed to run the online activities. James believes that business owners must easily have two dozen codes to help manage their online tools.

During the podcast you will learn:

  • What happens if you don’t know where your domain name is registered.
  • What problems you can have with graphic designers.
  • What is Roboform and how it can help you take control of your online presence.
  • About James’ recent experience which highlights the problem of usernames and passcodes and how Roboform has helped.

Do You Want To Take Control Of Your Online Marketing?

Are you looking to learn more about the importance of your website? Could you increase the role of your website in your online marketing campaigns? Spend 20 minutes of your time and learn about your websites prominence with James Martell, then come back here and give us your feedback.

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