The School of Internet Marketing Interviews GreenRope CEO and Founder Lars Helgeson


New Coffee Talk Interview “Save Time, Simplify Operations, And Convert More Leads With An ‘All-In-One’ Business Operating System” Offers Business Owners Method to Streamline Business Operations - Saving Time and Money

school-of-internet-marketingVANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (PRWEB) - A small business owner wears many hats when running their business and that can take up a tremendous amount of time - which can lead to higher stress levels and increased overhead costs.

James Martell, VP Business Development for The School of Internet Marketing, has discovered a tool that has helped him grow his business, while saving him a tremendous amount of time. James Martell has used GreenRope to help convert leads, save time and grow his business through automation. Martell wants to share this amazing tool with other small business owners, so he reached out to CEO and Founder Lars Helgeson to help educate business owners on how integrate and streamline as many aspects of their business as possible.

This highly informative interview has been added to The School of Internet Marketing’s extensive library of more than 80 Coffee Talk interviews.

GreenRope is a business operating “system” – an ‘all in one solution’ for busy business owners who are looking to save time, simplify operations, convert more leads and to grow your business through automation.

Lars has over 13 years experience in Internet marketing and has made it his mission to simplify and consolidate a company’s sales, marketing, and operations. GreenRope currently provides technology solutions to over 3,000 companies worldwide including The School of Internet Marketing.

After listening to the interview, a business owners will be armed with knowledge on how to:

  • Protect information by giving different levels of access to different groups who use the package
  • Set up an effective Email marketing system
  • Use their powerful survey tool for market research
  • Manage ecommerce storefront and fundraising
  • Combine email, customer lists, and event management into one package to save their company money
  • Eliminate the need to hire programmers to change various interfaces when one aspect updates

“This interview is must-listen for any business-minded person trying to eliminate the stress and lower overhead costs associated with using a wide range of programs,” said James Martell, VP Business Development for The School of Internet Marketing. “GreenRope allows personalization that gives business owners flexibility to send relevant information to specific target groups and allows you to tailor as few or as many of the features included to suit the needs of your business.”

To hear exclusive, inside tips for integrating various aspects of your business into one program, listen to the interview at: /audio/coffee-talk/greenrope-all-in-one-business-operating-system/

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About GreenRope

Lars Helgeson, who saw the need to make running a small to mid-sized business easier and more efficient, founded GreenRope. GreenRope's mission is to resolve the challenges of managing business operations by providing cloud-based integrated software that is effective, affordable, and user friendly. GreenRope streamlines key operations, including e-commerce and accounting, CRM, email marketing, mobile marketing, calendaring, websites, social media and more, into one easy-to-use platform. By using GreenRope, companies can reduce their marketing and CRM software expenses by an estimated 80%. GreenRope's affordable pricing plans start as low as $99/month. Visit for more information.


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