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A comprehensive list of of social media cover art image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Affiliate Buzz #294 – ViewBix, A Video Marketing Supercharger

Adam Reimer, Online Marketing Strategist, shares tips and strategies to supercharge your video marketing with ViewBix, a video player and app suite that will enable your website visitors to turn their traditional website video into a fully interactive and social media friendly marketing machine.

Affiliate Buzz #294 – ViewBix, A Video Marketing Supercharger

In this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell discusses tips and strategies to supercharge your video marketing with Adam Riemer, an Online Marketing Strategist. Specifically they discuss a tool called ViewBix and they also touch on using YouTube for video marketing as well. [Read more...]

Podcast #9 – YouTube – A Local Business Owner’s Secret Weapon

Dan MaynardInterview with Dan Maynard

In this episode James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, talks with Dan Maynard, author of Video Traffic Adrenaline - Essential Guide to Generating Leads for Small Business.  While the episode does not discuss how to make a YouTube video, it does explain how to use YouTube as part of a marketing strategy. [Read more...]

Affiliate Buzz #283 – YouTube Traffic Secrets

James Martell is the host of “Affiliate Marketers BootCamp”, popular speaker on various topics within the affiliate marketing industry, and founder of The School of Internet Marketing. He comes to us with multiple years of experience and success to help others make their own online presence. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #066 – Convert Your Customers With a Smile – Use Video Emails

Bryan ConleyCoffee Talk with Bryan Conley

James Martell, expert affiliate marketer, President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., and successful author and host of the Affiliate Marketers SUPER Handbook is always on the lookout for new technology that will boost conversions and give him and his students an edge over the competition. [Read more...]


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Brainstorming Ideas for Newsletter Sign-ups, Automating Twitter Updates, Discontinued Products, Identifying Primary Keywords, Secondary Keywords, Title Tag and Headline, Blog Comments, NoFollow and Follow Tags, and Much More

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James kicks of this LIVE Q&A getting participants involved in helping Peter brainstorm ideas for setting up a free report and video for his newsletter. You'll hear various tips on researching ideas that not only helps Peter but can benefit you as you venture into this area for your own sites.

Next James shows you how to use YouTube videos and your newsletter to automat your Twitter updates. You'll be able to provide your followers with regular quality content regardless of how busy your schedule may be. [Read more...]

Getting Organized, Solutions for Drupal Photo Gallery, Setting Up Your Newsletter, Creating Great Content, Dialogue for Your Site Set-up Header, Logo and Homepage, and Using Twitter Effectively

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James talks about the resources available to both new and old students alike that may be experiencing overwhelm in their business. He talks about the importance of getting organized; learning keyboard shortcuts and setting up your start page to help you stay focused one step at a time. Participants can listen to and review the Coffee Talk 'How To Get and Stay Organized' for practical tips.

Next James talks about the plans to put together a 3 or 4 evening session in the conference room to discuss Word Press and how it works. During this session he will create a simple tutorial for participants that are interested in creating their websites on WordPress and are interested in setting it up but may not quite know how. He walks through a Word Press site he recently helped get set up and demonstrates how efficient and practical this content management system can be. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #043 – Increase Traffic And Commissions, And Learn What Affiliate Managers Want To See (And Hear) From Affiliates

Coffee Talk with Linda Woods, President of

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer has made it his mission to make learning affiliate marketing as easy as possible by bringing industry insiders to his Coffee Talk series.

This edition is no exception.

James speaks–once again–with Linda Woods, President of, about how affiliate management actually works, why most affiliates fail to make the most of their individual programs, and how easy getting started in this business can be if you can overcome the number one hurdle affiliates face: their own shyness! [Read more...]