Episode #29 – An Introduction to WordPress – Why 80,000,000 Website Owners Can’t Be Wrong

James MartellAre you looking for the next website platform to extend your brand’s reach? Have you heard of WordPress and are looking for more information? WordPress is a powerful content management system which can really project your online presence to your audience. Therefore understanding the platform is essential. [Read more...]

Episode #28 – Your Website is the Hub. Why It Is Critical You Take Back Control

James MartellAre you a business looking to expand your online reach? Do you regularly partake in online marketing including social media marketing, blogging and email marketing? Are you wondering what the most important element of your marketing is? No matter what marketing avenue you focus upon, the importance of your website cannot be underestimated. [Read more...]

Podcast #4 – How to Succeed Online By Taking Control of Your Web Presence

Don CampbellInterview with Don Campbell

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing has been working on the internet full time for well over a decade and knows that your taking control of your web presence is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed online. [Read more...]