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"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James kicks off this LIVE Q&A discussing a recent issue with Google dropping two websites by the same owner. Cheri shares her experiences where Google has dropped both her sites in one week, lowering her traffic by more than double. You'll hear possible causes for this scenary and tips on getting to the root of the problem.

Next James shares some of the nuggets he brought home from Pubcon 2010. One of his favorites is a tool from ScrapeBox.com. This tool offers a powerful way to grab commonly searched terms surrounding your topic. Listen in to hear how this tool works. Two new Twitter tools can be found at ManageFlitter.com, which helps you manage your Twitter accounts with ease and CoTweet.com. [Read more...]


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In this session I would like to share two WordPress plugins that I learned about from Chris Molnar in the BootCamp chat forum. Chris is a former BootCamp member and successful affiliate. He’s an all around good guy and always has his nose looking down searching for cool WordPress plugins. In this case he found one and I learned about it roughly ten days ago. I’ve been using it since and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get a video done for you and here it is.

Now get this, this plugin will allow you to easily find other sites you can post comments on and receive the link back to your website. It’s a very powerful little tool. It’s easy to install and I should be able to show you how to have it up and running on your site in only a few minutes. In addition once it’s installed it will help you get more comments on your own personal website.

Now you can see in my particular case I’m on JamesMartell.com. This post is about Matt Cutts. He’s an engineer and kind of the face of Google and he talks about PageRank in this particular video. It’s a good little video. It went up today, Wednesday August 11th 2010.

Below the video you can see we have a comment that just came in from Kristi Hines. I want you to take a look at how this comment is structured because it’s structured a little differently than other comments that are posted in the comment field that comes stalk with WordPress.

Now you can see in this particular case that this comment is from Kristi Hines@ Google PageRank Update. Of course it has the avatar, which would be a Gravatar image if she was with Gravatar as we discussed in another video. In her case she didn’t update that so she just has a monster avatar.

If you take a look to the right of it you’ll see her Twitter address is included there where it says, “kikolani”. Then it below that we have the post and the date of the post. It’s not too much different other than having a keyword phrase included within the actual link and I’ll show you how you can have this on other sites linking back to your site in just a few moments.

Also I want you to take a look below at this field down here. It says, “Kristi Hines@ Google PageRank Update recently posted The Case for and Against Popup Opt-in Forms.” You can click on this link and it will take you right through to her post on that. The reason this is here is because of this plugin I’m going to show you how to install.

What it has done is automatically when she posted this comment it automatically went to her website and grabbed the most recent blog post and headline to post at the bottom of her comment. It’s pretty cool stuff. I’ve actually been out commenting on other people’s websites and I’m going to show you how to do that during this little video as well.

Down below my reply to her is the actual form itself that is a little bit different with some of the features added to it. The top four fields are the standard WordPress comment style. Below that you have the submit comment and then we have the CommentLuv plugin. You can see they spelled comment normally and luv as l-u-v. Below that is another plugin we talk about in another video that allows them to be notified if someone comes in and replies.

Then down here they can put their Twitter address in if they have one, or in your case you can put your Twitter address in when you are out posting comments on other websites. That is what fills in the field at the top. All of this is with the CommentLuv plugin coupled with the Twitter plugin that I have installed on my own personal website.

Installing the CommentLuv Plugin

Let me log in to my account and I’ll show you how to install both of these plugins really quickly. Then I’ll show you some of the other sites that have CommentLuv installed on them and I’ll post an actual comment. This will let you see how quickly you can find other websites and how easily you can add your comment to those other websites.

You can see we are going to go down into the plugin area and click on “add new.” You will simply do a search for CommentLuv, click on “search plugins” and then you click on the link that says, “Install now.” That will automatically install it and then it will give you a link you can click to actually activate it.

Now I would like you to also install the Twitter link if you would like them to have the ability to add their Twitter link to the bottom of their comment. You simply do a search for the TwitterLink-Comment. Then click on “search plugins” and that will again bring it directly up where you can click on “install” to have it installed on your site. Next you will need to select “activate” that plugin as well. You can probably get both of these finished in under 60 seconds.

Configuring CommentLuv and Twitter Plugins

Once it’s installed you want to go down under settings and find “CommentLuv.” You’ll click on that link so you can set up some of the configuration if you would like. I don’t think I really did anything in here. I installed this about 10 days ago and I think I pretty much left everything the same.

Now we need to scroll down on the left to set-up the Twitter link settings, which is also under the settings column. There was only one small change I made in here, which was the position of the plugin. It’s set to default “under name” and I decided to put the little Twitter link form at the end of the comment. So I selected that and hit save changes and we were good to go.

Now if I go back out to the site by clicking on JamesMartell.com in the top left corner I can have a look at one of the blog posts and see the new plugins I have set up. You’ll see down underneath my comment box I have the little box called Twitter.

Keep in mind that all WordPress themes work a little bit differently and you’ll want to be sure to play with those settings if it’s not showing up where you want it to be. I think for the most part everything is pretty straight forward.

Next I would like to go post a few comments to show you exactly how to go about this process. Now everybody say good-by to Matt Cutts, we’re going to head over to ComLuv.com. This is a pretty cool little website. I’ve had a chance to spend a fair bit of time on it. You can set up your own free account, which you will need to do and follow by being sure to activate everything and make sure it’s running properly for you.

If you look over here you can see these are the top CommentLuv sites by comments made in the past 24 hours, top CommentLuv members by comments made in the past 24 hours, and latest site updates with CommentLuv Installed (updated every hour).

One of the things you’ll want to do before you get too deep into commenting make sure you head over to gravatar.com and set up your Gravatar so you don’t see little situations like this. If you’ve never worked with Gravatar maybe pause the video here and go over to Gravatar.com. It will only take you a few minutes to set up and then every time you post a comment on somebody’s blog using the Gravatar service it will automatically add your thumbnail there. It will give you that much more credibility.

In my particular case though let’s spend some time seeing if we can find some blogs to comment on. If you scroll back up to the top you’ll see we have a little search engine where we can enter a keyword phrase. In my niche I’m looking for things like working from home, home based business, make extra money, earn income online, work at home business and that type of thing.

Finding Blogs to Comment On

Let’s type in affiliate marketing and hit enter. Keep in mind that you’re going to search keywords relevant for your topic. In this case you may find sites that may be marketing the same product. You may get a little competitive pushback on that so you might want to venture off to slightly off topics.

For example I was talking to Felicia today and she sells garment bags so we looked into travel sites and blogs. So there is an example of looking into blogs that are relevant but not competitive. Rather if she looks for other sites that are selling travel and garment bags she might get a little bit of competitive push back.

Back to my example, I’ve already had a look through a lot of these sites. Let’s look at SuccessfulAffiliateMarketing.com together. Now this is a competitor of mine and he may not appreciate a link on here but we’ll give it a try anyway. We are going to put a nice thoughtful comment in here under Affiliate Marketing Is Not A Get Quick Business.

We want to take our time here and make sure we put together a thoughtful comment. There are plenty of blogs out there we can post on so there is not real big rush. We need to take a few minutes and actually read the post and then come back in and make the comment. Let me take a minute to give this a quick scan and come with an idea for the actual post itself.

Posting A Comment

It took me about 5 or 6 minutes to put together this comment. Here’s what it says,

I have been working online as a full-time affiliate marketer since 1999. It is a great business and I agree it is not a get rich quick business, but it is one that is well worth the effort.

I guess what I like most about it is the freedom that’s available once it is set-up, running well and is profitable. I love the fact that there is no customers because they are left to the merchant to take care of. A nice perk.

It’s also a great business for those who like to travel or live in places that are a little remote. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection and you’re set.

I have worked on my business from home, from 5 star hotels, on airplanes, and cruise ships. You can’t beat it!


You can see down below it has already pulled the article from my site titled, “Is PageRank Calculated Differently for Domains Registered Before 2004.” Down below that I’ve added my name for Twitter. This blog post looks all ready to roll so I want to hit submit comment and I think it will probably go into moderation for the site owner.

Once I hit submit you can see it right there and it says waiting moderation. The comment looks nice, neat and tidy. There is my Gravatar, which is pulled over from Gravatar.com. The headline reads, “James Martell@ Affiliate Marketing Training” so there is the keyword phrase. And in some cases, depending on the theme, it hyperlinks the whole title as you can see here. Other blogs seem to do it a little bit differently the name won’t be hyperlinked, just the keyword phrase.

You can see it dates the post. There is the post itself with my name and a happy smiling face there. Just below that is a link to the page on my site. Below that is my link to Twitter. It’s all pretty cool stuff and if you mouse of this heart here you can see it has pulled some other information from my CommentLuv account. When you do go in and register your url you want to take some time to fill out the information that is available in there and give yourself a good description because as you can see, when somebody mouses over this little heart up that information comes.

You can see it also lists some of my other posts on my own personal site so people who want to learn a little bit more about you can do so just by doing that. Then if they click through to your site they can on any one of these links listed here.

I think you can see that was pretty simple. It was no big deal to get this comment on. It looks professional. If you use a little bit of common sense as you are going through it will turn out great. Now you can head over to ComLuv.com and get started on your own.

I’ll leave you to it. Use a little bit of creativity and use this to find sites that you’ll find it worthwhile to comment on. Of course you want to register your domain before you get started. You want to be sure to add a descriptive text on who you are and what your website is all about because it will show up in your comment.

All right, have some fun with this. Definitely get into a roll, you may want to do 20 or 30 of them in here to get started. Just sit down for a couple hours and go at it. Then just get in the habit of popping in here every so often, maybe every time you do a new post on your website it would be great to come in and do a few comments because now you know you are going to get some links back to that particular page. Keep in mind that CommentLuv is grabbing your most recent blog post every time you add a new post.

This is going to give you a nice scattering of links all throughout your site. Some will be no follow and some will not have any restrictions as all. Don’t worry about that either way. Just get rolling on it and you are good to go. I hope you found this helpful and we’ll catch you in another video.

Twitter Tools

In this video I would like to show you a simple tool you can use to automatically update your Twitter account every time you add a new post to your website. This tool is designed specifically for those of us using WordPress.

If you happen to be using a different content management system such as Drupal, Mambo or Joomla I recommend doing a Google search for “Twitter tools Joomla” or whatever content management system you are using. You will probably find all kinds of tools available to you.

In this case we are focused in on WordPress. I would like you to head over to Google and do a quick search for “Alex King Twitter tools.” Alex has a free plugin that I would like to show you how to install.

On my site JamesMartell.com you can see that I am always posting regularly just as you are on your own site. Wouldn’t it be nice that every time a new post was created your website would send a little tweet over to your Twitter account for you? This is another simple way to automatically push out the content that is being regularly added to your site already.

Downloading the Twitter Tools Plugin

To start we need to download this little plugin to our computers. You can find the plugin by doing a Google search for Alex King Twitter tools. Then you simply right click on the download link and select save link as and select where to save it on your hard drive. I like to save mine in my WordPress plugin folder so I can have all my plugins in the same folder.

Installing the Plugin

Next I head over to my own personal site and log in to the dashboard area. Then I scroll down until I find the plugins menu and choose ‘add new’. By selecting the ‘add new’ option we can upload and set up this new plugin.

This will open a new window where we can select to browse for the plugin on my own hard drive. You find the twitter tools folder on your hard drive and either double click it or single click and hit open. Then you click install now and the plugin is installed automatically.

As you can see installing plugins in WordPress is very easy to do. You simply tell select the plugin you want to add and it will unpack the package, install it and let you know when it is done successfully. The next step is to activate the plugin by clicking on the little link. Then you’ll head over to the list of plugins and see that it has been activated.

Setting up Twitter Tools

Now you’ll want to scroll down the page to find the plugin and confirm that everything looks good there. Then you’ll scroll back up to the settings menu and find the twitter tools link where you will take a minute to set it up.

You’ll want to type in your Twitter username and password. Then you click on ‘test login info’ to make sure the log in works properly. The first option on here is to create a tweet every time you post to your blog. You want to say yes here so that every time we post a blog the system will send an automatic tweet over to Twitter.

The next to options ask to create a blog from each of your tweets and a daily digest blog post from each of your tweets. You want to select no on both of these. You can select whether or not you want to create tweets in your sidebar and how many. You can also select whether or not you want to give Twitter Tools credit. Then you click update Twitter Tools and you should be done.

It’s as simple as that. Take a few minutes to download the plugin and get it installed on your site. Once you have it set up your Twitter account will be automatically updated every time you or one of your writers adds a post to your site.

Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress

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