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Coffee Talk #043 – Increase Traffic And Commissions, And Learn What Affiliate Managers Want To See (And Hear) From Affiliates

Coffee Talk with Linda Woods, President of

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer has made it his mission to make learning affiliate marketing as easy as possible by bringing industry insiders to his Coffee Talk series.

This edition is no exception.

James speaks–once again–with Linda Woods, President of, about how affiliate management actually works, why most affiliates fail to make the most of their individual programs, and how easy getting started in this business can be if you can overcome the number one hurdle affiliates face: their own shyness! [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #036 – Create Traffic, Expand Your Audience, And Increase Conversions With The Proven Techniques PR Web’s Own ‘Customer Delight Specialist’ Mario Bonilla Brings To Coffee Talk With James Martell

Coffee Talk Interview with Mario Bonilla from

James Martell, successful affiliate marketer, natural search expert and the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., brings you yet another invaluable interview. This time James talks with PR Web’s longest serving employee, their platform trainer Mario Bonilla, about how press releases can get your message in front of the right people and get your venture off the ground.

Since its launch, PR Web has amassed a database of 25,000 recipients and become the premier online news distribution tool for companies and individual entrepreneurs alike. Bonilla has been with PR Web since its inception in 1997 and brings to you an unparalleled body of experience in the arena of exposing your business or organization to individuals and media outlets that not only want but need to hear what you have to say. [Read more...]

Obtaining Backlinks via Press Releases, How To Deal With Technical Issues, One Common Mistake Made By New Webmasters, A Simple Way To Gain Backlinks, Using Video To Generate Traffic, And Tips On Getting Image Graphics Created

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James shows you how publishing press releases can assist you in receiving quality backlinks to your site with little effort and low costs. He uses examples from most recent press releases how these backlinks are obtained and what effort is required.

Next James discusses ways to handle technical issues you may encounter during the building phase of your site. He offers a simple rule of thumb to help determine if it is time to outsource your issues to professional coder. Then he walks you through the process of outsourcing your technical issues and gives a brief explanation of the available tutorial to help you through this process. James makes note of one common mistake made by new Webmasters as they try to move through the process of building a new online business and offers tips on how to avoid making the same mistake. [Read more...]

Using Twitter To Generate Traffic, Building Code Compliant Websites, Getting Your Site Indexed And Making Money With Google AdSense

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this LIVE Q&A James begins by explaining what is and how you can use it to generate traffic to your site. He offers practical examples of how you might use Twitter to share information with your visitors and invite them to return to your site.

Next James explains what it means to build code compliant websites and which content management systems take care of the job for you. He shares information on what it means to be code compliant, where it originated from and the goal behind establishing the criteria for being considered compliant. [Read more...]

Using Surveys To Generate Content, Building Out Your Site, Coming Up With Ideas For A Newsletter, Getting Traffic To Your Site And Building A Business Around One Page Of Content

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James explains how using a survey is a valuable tool to help determine the topic of you content. He shares ideas on the type of questions to ask and how to encourage your visitors to answer the questions.

He shares detailed information on building out your website by comparing two options of staying niche or expanding more general to your area. Next explains the importance of generating a newsletter and offers ways to come up with ideas even if your topic doesn't seem conducive to having one. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #022 – Convert Your Site’s Existing Traffic into Revenue and Learn how to Draw More Paying Traffic to Your Site Utilizing Google Analytics as James Martell Tells You How to Tap into this Powerful Free Online Tool!

Coffee Talk with James Martell

Grab a cup of coffee or even your favorite iced beverage as this Coffee Talk is one no webmaster can afford to miss with successful affiliate James Martell taking listeners by the hand and walking you through the powerful, free Google service.

In this Coffee Talk session, you will learn how to use Google Analytics and even how to break down the comprehensive Google Analytics reports. James then shows you how to put this useful, free information to use so that you can create content for your website that really works, increasing traffic to your site and converting the traffic you already have. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #021 – James Martell Returns from the ShareaSale Think Tank and Shares 7 Things YOU Must Look for in a High-Converting Affiliate Program

Coffee Talk with James Martell

Learn from James Martell how he chooses merchant partners for his numerous websites and the questions he asks before forging a partnership with any merchant. In this Coffee Talk, James also tells you exactly how to evaluate a merchant and shares seven things that make an affiliate program successful, making it one java break you don't want to miss.

Having just returned from the ShareaSale Think Tank in Scottsdale AZ, where James and 59 other top affiliates participated in the critique of 12 merchant's websites, he talks about this short 'breakation' and how he uses the time away to recharge his own creativity. [Read more...]