Anchor Text Map, Clutter Free Pages, Meta Tags, Choosing Your Product, Ranking for Competitive Keywords, Critical Changes After Your Page Is Indexed, How Google Ranks Your Page, Social Media, Well Crafted Title Tags

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James kicks off this LIVE Q&A with a new visual of an anchor text map. This visual helps put into perspective how the backlinks flow into your pages as you gain backlinks on the web. Then you see two pages side by side as you compare the difference between a clean page and a cluttered page.

Next James shares tips on choosing a product. You'll hear how to evaluate products that are niche specific, will convert well and considerations for seasonal vs. year round products. You see Chris's websites and as a live example of seasonal vs. non-seasonal sites. [Read more...]

PAD Technique, Identifying Keywords, Anchor Text, Improving Search Engine Rankings, Crafting Quality Title Tags

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James kicks off this LIVE Q&A answering questions that came through the helpdesk including tips on keyword usage on your page, selecting anchor text for PAD and copying customer comments for product testimonials. Additionally he shares how to increase visitor trust on your website using honest reviews and quoting customer testimonials.

Next James goes into detail on identifying long tail keywords to use for anchor textin PAD articles. Using a live example from one members website on Fisher Price Power Wheels he shares tips on finding variations and coming up with a profitable keyword list. [Read more...]

Video By Dan Maynard On Picking Article Topics, Professional Article Distribution (PAD) to Promote Our Sites, Focusing PAD on One Product Page at a Time

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James opens with an informative video created by long time BootCamp member Dan Maynard on picking winning article topics for your websites.

Next James goes into a detailed explanation PAD, Professional Article Distribution, and how it relates to helping your site rank naturally. He discusses are such as how to talk to prospective PAD partners that will receive your articles, keyword usage inside the article and developing appropriate headlines and title tags. [Read more...]

Backlinks & Natural Search Rankings, Crafting Enticing Title Tags, Guest Blogging for Backlinks, Designing a Clean Page Layout

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James opens up by discussing Dan's new Piano Reviews website recently launched. He walks you through the new layout and recommends anyone just getting started to really study this site to get an idea of how it will all come together. He then uses this site to demonstrate the power of good quality backlinks sharing that Dan has only 15 PAD articles published right now and is starting to see top rankings for multiple keywords.

Next James talks about crafting the best title tag for your page. He uses Pete's site, as an example to further investigate top rankings and limited traffic. He talks about improving on the title tag to better entice visitors giving them an action and reason to visit your site. He also evaluates the description meta tag in comparison to giving the potential visitor a reason to click through to your site. [Read more...]

An Inside Look At One Network Direct, Using A Data Feed, Importance Of Writing Natural Content, Proper Keyword Usage and How To Create The Perfect Title Tag

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this LIVE Q&A James brings Ian from Digital River to give an inside look at One Network Direct's affiliate program and shares why you should offer software products to your visitors. Ian explains how the affiliate program is set up to work and how you can find software that is relevant to your topic by using a data feed. Data feeds are explained in a simple to understand format as Ian shares ways you can view and use them.

Next, James goes into detail on why it is important to create natural content for your site. He offers real examples of sites that contain naturally written quality content and compares them to sites, which contain over usage of keyword phrases. James demonstrates how over usage of keywords can actually drop your rankings in the search engines and how to ensure natural, quality content on your site. [Read more...]

One on One With Ian Larson From OneNetwork Direct, Data Feeds, Writing Naturally, Keyword Over Usage and Effective Title Tags

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

Re: Loss of Google Rankings

James begins this Live Q&A with a one-onone with Ian Larson. They discuss what OneNetwork direct has to offer each of the affiliate marketers and how why to consider software.

Next James goes into a detailed explanation of what a data feed is and how it works. He gives examples of a good feed and how webmasters work with one on their site. Ian comes in and shares the more technical side of a feed and how it is updated. [Read more...]