The Micro Minute #8 – Facebook Adds Twitter Feats

Stephanie Lichtenstein

Facebook incorporates features from Twitter and other social media platforms such as Instagram which they also own. First they have incorporated the reply button to thread conversations similar to Twitter. Then the WSJ reported that they plan to incorporate the Hashtag which [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #7 – Facebook Cover Photo

Stephanie Lichtenstein

Facebook now allows you to have contact info and more on your cover photos. The rule is you can have 20% text on your image and be sure to include your website and you can even have a call to action now (before this infringed on Facebook's guidelines). [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #6 – Facebook Messages

Stephanie Lichtenstein

Facebook wants to monetize off of messages right or wrong? I think it's done in the wrong way. Listen in and share your comments! Or tweet me @MicroSteph

The Micro Minute #5 – LinkedIn Connections

Stephanie Lichtenstein

Learn about the right way to grow your LinkedIn Connections. Rather than importing all of your email contacts, you can hand pick which emails you want and import a csv file, or you can contact the people you want to connect with that you do not already know but be sure to [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #4 – Importance of Content

Stephanie Lichtenstein

Why content marketing needs to be a part of your strategy. I talk about a new platform called Shareist that helps you to organize, collaborate, and share your content. It is a tool that will make your life easier whether you are a team or individual working on content it will [Read more...]

Affiliate Buzz #284 – Twitter, Twitter – Oh What to Do?

In today’s episode James, host of the Affiliate Buzz, is speaking with Stephanie Lichtenstein, President and Founder of Micro Media Marketing, a popular guest from previous episodes. Just as James does, Stephanie often shares her vast experience with others, so they may enjoy the same success in their career. [Read more...]

Podcast #2 – How to Attract a Steady Stream of Customers on Facebook for $5 a Day!

Stephanie LichtensteinInterview with Stephanie Lichtenstein

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, has seen social media explode over the past few years as an exciting platform for online marketers to boost sales and traffic. [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #2 – Twitter’s Vine Video App

Stephanie Lichtenstein

This Micro Minute describes the new video app from Twitter which is called Vine. Vine allows you to upload video for 6 seconds only. It is going to be a cool way to market your business and can be really interesting. Think of the elevator pitch but more to the point! [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #1 – Facebook Graph Search

Stephanie Lichtenstein

We discuss how the Facebook Graph Search will change everything. How people find products and services and common interests. Facebook Graph Search is search on a personalized level. For more social media tips visit [Read more...]