Coffee Talk #084 – Facebook Marketing Tips, Tools and Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line!

Stephanie LitchensteinCoffee Talk with Stephanie Lichtenstein

James Martell, founder of the School of Internet Marketing, has seen firsthand how media has changed over the years and how this affects the way businesses need to advertise. In this mobile world, an active social media presence is a tremendous asset to your business. This is particularly true when it comes to Facebook - the leading social networking site with over 900 million active users. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #081 – How to Use LinkedIn to Expand Contacts and Grow Your Business

Stephanie LitchensteinCoffee Talk with Stephanie Lichtenstein

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, has seen the benefits of partnering with like-minded individuals online. In this edition, he talks with Stephanie Lichtenstein about LinkedIn, the social network for business people.

LinkedIn is the place to go when you want to look for jobs, form strategic partnerships, and seek out new business opportunities. Many people are still ignoring LinkedIn, but with over 175,000,000 registered users, it’s worth your while to know your way around the site. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #077 – Skyrocket Your Online Presence with Pinterest, the Fastest Growing Social Network …Ever!

Stephanie LitchensteinCoffee Talk with Stephanie Lichtenstein

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, knows that social media is changing the game when it comes to marketing online. With Pinterest growing faster than any other social network in history, you can’t overlook its presence in the online world. Pinterest boasts 11.7 million unique visitors in just over 2 years.

In this edition of Coffee Talk, James discusses the growing power of Pinterest with Stephanie Lichtenstein, a leading social media expert and the founder of Micro Media Marketing. Stephanie is an industry advocate who helps businesses step up their game when it comes to their online presence. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #074 – Engage Your Audience, Build Your Brand and Increase Traffic on Twitter

Stephanie LichtensteinCoffee Talk with Stephanie Lichtenstein

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, knows that social media can rapidly spur up customer engagement and online traffic. The activity and presence of Twitter, in particular, is hard to ignore. The social media site boasts over 500 million users, with 340 million daily tweets and 1.6 billion search queries per day. It is one of the top ten most visited websites on the internet.

In this edition of Coffee Talk, you’ll hear exactly how you can use this powerhouse of activity to benefit your business with specific Twitter marketing strategies. [Read more...]

The School of Internet Marketing Releases Facebook for Non-Techies: How to Attract Customers with Facebook in Minutes a Day


Book Co-Authored by James Martell and Stephanie Lichtenstein Teaches Business Owners How to Attract Prospects and Increase Revenue Using Facebook

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (PRWEB) - Facebook has become a powerhouse marketing tool for businesses worldwide. There are more than 1.1 billion active Facebook users all over the world - this is a 23% increase from one year ago. If a small business owner has been doubting the viability of Facebook - these stats are too great to ignore. If utilized properly, Facebook can be a valuable asset in generating new leads - which could turn into paying customers. [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #12 – Happy Mother’s Day – TweetPee App!

Stephanie Lichtenstein

Happy Mother's Day! Would you try tweetpee? It's an app that tweets you when your baby wet their diaper and keeps track of how many diapers you use. Read more about TweetPee on CNET.

Would you use TweetPee reply in the comments Yes or No and Why or Tweet Me @MicroSteph.

Podcast #8 – Attracting New Customers with Facebook – It’s Relatively Easy!

Stephanie LichtensteinInterview with Stephanie Lichtenstein

In this episode of The School of Internet Marketing, founder James Martell talks with Stephanie Liechtenstein, founder and president of Micro Media Marketing about gaining new customers simply by taking advantage of the free and low cost tools that Facebook provides for business owners. [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #11 – Updates for This Week

Stephanie Lichtenstein

Micro Media Marketing Celebrates 4 Years this Week! Thank you everyone for your support over the years. We have had the opportunity to work with some great clients and individuals over the years and are excited for what the future holds. [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #10 – LinkedIn Adds Mentions

Stephanie Lichtenstein

LinkedIn Adds Mentions to increase conversations. The main difference between mentions on LinkedIn vs Twitter and Facebook is that you can only tag your connections. This will stop for example a famous person by being spammed by too many notifications. [Read more...]

The Micro Minute #9 – Google Authorship

Stephanie Lichtenstein

A Google Authorship page will increase your CTR: Click to learn more. This ties your Google Plus account to your content. According to the Search Engine Journal having this picture and name tied to your content in the search results increases your click through rates from [Read more...]