Coffee Talk #031 – Coffee Talk with Sean Hendrickson from on Affiliate Programs

Coffee Talk with Sean Hendrickson from Digital River’s

Listen in as James Martell, a successful affiliate marketer, renowned author, and the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., sits down with Sean Hendrickson, the advertising sales and business manager for One Network Direct.

Hendrickson started out in 1993 creating a company called Hendrickson began his career in ecommerce selling academic software through the site in 1993. In 1996, he began his career with Digital River as a product manager, and then in 2000 moved into brand management and merchandising. In 2004 he became involved in the One Network Direct Affiliate Program. Today, One Network Direct works with over 1500 associates, 50,000 software publishers, and boasts sales of over $2 billion annually. [Read more...]