Coffee Talk #087 – Mastering the Art of Negotiations with Roy Weissman, Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University

Roy WeissmanCoffee Talk with Roy Weissman

James Martell is a successful entrepreneur in the world of Internet Marketing, a popular speaker, and author, as well as the founder of The School of Internet Marketing…all in the hopes of helping you have a successful online presence. [Read more...]

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"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

Tonight’s Q&A kicks off with an introduction to Roy Weissman, a seasoned business development expert and leader with extensive experience in the areas of marketing, sales, strategic alliances, partnership development, and more!

Next James directs listeners to an archived Coffee Talk Interview with Roy, in which the two discussed “Mastering the Art of Negotiations”. Learn which of Roy’s tips helped James during the time between the two discussions, and some information about the course he teaches at The School of Internet Marketing. [Read more...]

Podcast #5 – Negotiating for Web Traffic (and Everything Else)

Roy WeissmanInterview with Roy Weissman

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, knows all about driving traffic online - he’s been doing it for a living for well over a decade! Driving traffic to your site is key to succeeding online, and James wants to show you how. [Read more...]