Coffee Talk #048 – Learn How to Select Quality Merchants, Effects of Seasonality on Sales, and the Hottest Trends From Carolyn Tang, Director of Client Services for

Coffee Talk with Carolyn Tang, Director of Client Services for ShareASale

In his quest to bring better understanding to the affiliate marketing industry, James Martell, successful affiliate marketer and President of Net Guides Publishing, Inc. interviews another industry insider in his latest Coffee Talk series that will bring usable, real-world knowledge to affiliate marketers looking for increased sales and financial success.

Today James speaks with Director of Client Services, Carolyn Tang. Carolyn is responsible for facilitating relationships between affiliates and merchants for one of the most successful and highly rated affiliate networks. With a B.A from the University of California at Berkley, a master’s degree from Northwest University in journalism and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago, Carolyn not only has the knowledge, but her experience as an affiliate manager for and give her the experience dealing with affiliates and merchants. [Read more...]

Conversion Rate & the Merchants’ Role, Site Registration Forms, Click Through Rate, Monetizing Google AdSense, the PAD Technique & Getting Ranked and 7-Points for Monetizing Your Website

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this LIVE Q&A you will hear James discuss the role of your merchant in conversion rate. He shares some common things you can do to help improve your conversion on your end but emphasizes the need to have a merchant that is available and responsive to your needs and inquiries.

Next James talks about integrating a site registration form that will allow visitors to register for the forum and newsletter in one step, eliminating the need to register twice. He gives a live example of the form he is currently working on for his site and shares with participants where they can get more information on implementing their own forms. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #007 – Brian Littleton, of, Talks to James About the Company’s Growing 2,000+ Merchant Database and Offers Advice on Choosing a Topic

Coffee Talk with Brian Littleton from

Whether you're new to the affiliate marketing arena and looking to get your feet wet or you've been around for a while and just looking for some great insider's secrets, tips and tools you can use to jump-start your online efforts, this coffee talk has something for you!

You'll hear from James and Brian Littleton from as they share a cup of coffee and talk about the pay-per-click model, why this model works so well for small and emerging businesses, and how affiliates can use this model to meet the needs of these merchants or businesses, while simultaneously achieving their own financial goals. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #006 – Learn How ROI Rocket Levels the Playing Field with Advertisers and How This Can Help You and Your Online Business

Coffee Talk with Matt Frary with

Listen below to what Matt Frary, President of ROI Rocket Inc., as he explains to James Martell, a successful affiliate marketer and natural search expert about how he and his partners started as affiliates and achieved the kind of success needed to expand and eventually buy their merchants out.

You can also learn how Frary and his team at ROI support affiliate marketers by connecting them with hand-picked merchants within the Fortune 500 arena and beyond, while providing affiliates with support services including affiliate managers, images, tracking, and much more. [Read more...]