Daily Traffic Blueprint Announcement, Developing a Membership Site, Improving Speed for Mobile Devices, Using Email Lists to Gain Subscribers, Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

Tonight’s Q&A kicks off with the announcement about the Daily Traffic Blueprint course. He also shares how they overcame the biggest challenge during the course - finding a new longtail keyword tool after changes to Google Adwords made their keyword tool pretty much ineffectual.

Next James answers a question about improving speed for mobile devices. He suggests things that could affect the speed for loading a WordPress site on a mobile device, and then proceeds to demonstrate a live Google search to find some tools to help test performance speeds on different audience member’s pages. [Read more...]

Affiliate Summit 2012, Simple Press, Hosting A Membership Site, Migration of EpilepsyMoms.com, Google Personalized Search, Upcoming Move of the Affiliate Marketer’s BootCamp

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James begins tonight's Q&A by talking about the Affiliate Summit 2012 and why it's the conference you should be attending. You'll hear how to get in on the conversations online leading up to this years Summit using Twitter Hash tags.

Next James talks about adding a chat forum to the Word Press platform using the Simple Press plugin. This forum is simple, clean and easy to set up. He pulls up several YouTube training video courses that walk you through the installation and set up process. [Read more...]

Using Your Research to the Fullest, Simplify Research for Your Writers, Migrating EpilepsyMoms.com, Paper.li, and Much More

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

To begin tonight's LIVE Q&A James begins by discussing the value of really diving in and giving your all when researching a topic. When research is done well you can use it for a variety of things like podcasts, website content even your backlinking efforts. He explains when your research is done right it can work for you a long time.

Next James shares a simplified way for researching topics for your writers. He offers an inside look on how he uses podcasts he knows are of value to provide his writer with a detailed amount of research to craft high quality well designed articles. [Read more...]