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Tonight's Q&A kicks off with a detailed walk through of analyzing your website for high quality content that stands up against Google's new Panda update. Using Google Webmaster Central's own recommendations James shares exactly what you need to evaluate how you site will hold against the competition.

Next James talks about article marketing and the myth behind its effectiveness. He shares a published article he had written on FamousBloggers.net that really outlines what article marketing is and how it's viewed in the eyes of Google. [Read more...]

Lesson 33 – Elance Pt03: Master PAD Article (evaluate bids)

It’s good to see you again. I’m logged into my Elance account because it is time to evaluate the bids that have come in for my master PAD article. I would like to take you step-by-step through the process of evaluating bidders so you can find the best writers at the best price.

It’s been about 24 hours since I posted the project. It’s listed right here at the top of the screen with a total of 10 proposals. Typically I will let this run a little longer but because we need to keep moving through these videos and we already have 10 bidders I may be able to find a very good one and award the project.

For this video we are going to talk about what we have to look at in order to evaluate the bids that have come in. At the top we have a bit of a summary of what has happened in the last 24 hours. You can see the average bid is $50, which is not surprising. This is a very good price for this article.

We’ve had 7 proposals from North America. We’ve had 2 from India/South Asia and 1 from Eastern Asia. I’m probably not going to look too hard at the two from Southern and Eastern Asia unless I can determine English is their first language.

I have found trying to hire writers out of these two countries is too problematic. They don’t have the grammar down right and it’s too much back and forth. I am much more comfortable and usually get a better job back from somebody in North America. Since we have 7 bidders I’m sure one of them will be more than suitable.

Evaluating Bidders

Let’s scroll down and see what we have. Over to the left of the bid you’ll see their Elance username that is linked back to the full profile. You can see where they are located; this one is in Kasson United States. This bidder has 100% positive feedback, 5 reviews and has earned $2569. They have had 4 repeat customers out of 16. This is something I like to see because it means that not only were they happy with the first job but they were happy enough to come back and hire them again. This person bid in at $50 for this article.

If you look in the box below you can the written proposal back to me:

Hi James, this is Doreen Coleman. Thank you for the opportunity to bid on your proposal.

I did a series of rewrites for you last year for your kit connections website. I hope you liked the work.

I can complete the project within 3 days for $50 and make sure you get your money’s worth.

I had forgotten that she did some of the rewrites for me last year. Rewrites is something we are going to cover in a later video. Once we have these master PAD articles we will have them rewritten at a far cheaper price of roughly $10 to $12 a piece.

I like the look of this bid. I will give it a little rating of 4 out of 5 right here. As far as I understand it we are the only one that sees that rating.

The next bid is from AdamG. He has no feedback or repeat customers. He looks like a brand new writer. It’s not something that I completely disregard so I like to take a quick look at it.

I also like to find writers that are not only talking about themselves. You want to find writers that are addressing your needs. It’s a big mistake that I see a lot of writers make when writing proposals. In my opinion they should be saying something like, “You need a great car article. I’ll be able to do this, this and this for you.” When I find this type of bid I really like to hone in on them.

This next bidder is named Bradly from Distance Development out of the US in Minneapolis. He has a 98% positive feedback out of 57 reviews, just of 10 grand in earnings and 13 out of 60 repeat customers. He also has 3 verified credentials, which means he has gone through some testing within the system and passed them. His bid is also $50 and looks pretty good so I’m going to give this a 5. He says,

Hi, I’m a US writer familiar with the automotive industry. I deliver an original, well researched car cruising guide for your campaign with 10 leading tips, delivered within 24 hours.

I like that proposal a lot. It’s a good one. This next one is from Singapore and I don’t know if we are going to have a language problem so I’m just going to skip that one.

This next one is one I looked at earlier with 3 positive reviews and earnings of $360. I think I’ll give this one a rating of 3 because it is only a few reviews. So far I like the other one. This next one has no recent feedback so we’ll skip over that one.

Next we have a bid here with 94% positive review. They have 12 tested skills and are out of Canada. Their proposal reads,

Hi, I am interested in writing your article about preparing your car. I feel that I am the best person for the job because I will provide you with original well-written content. I own my own car and have written many books and articles about cars so I know what should be included in your article.

I have many published works in various online publications and magazines. I always work diligently and efficiently and never deliver a product that is not perfect. I can be reached any time day or night as I am always connected to my Blackberry.

I hope you accept my low bid of $50.

This is another good one. I actually like the look of that. The last statement there could be a good sign in that they typically charge more than that.

This next one says they have a writer who will be perfect for this project. I typically stay away from companies like this who have their own writers. Essentially what is happening here is the creation of another middleman. I like to deal directly with the writers so I am going to skip over that one.

Now if we go back up here the winning bid is between Monise from D&M writers and Bradley.  Let’s go in and have a look at their feedback to really look at each one. You can click on any one of these links here. By clicking on the 98% positive feedback we can go over and have a look at what people are saying about the work that has been done. Likewise they can look at our feedback so you want to be sure to build yours as well.

You can see one feedback says very accommodating and helpful with all 4’s. The next one says excellent work I look forward to future project. This one notes very good provider, great value for the price, great job. The next one says, if you need poker related content this provider is very well versed in the game. You can see this guy has lots of good feedback here.

I’ve seen enough and am sold on Bradley here. He will do just fine for this job. Keep in mind this is one single article and we are going to put the money into escrow so we don’t have to pay until we are happy with the completed work. You can see there is very little risk, if any.

Awarding the Project

I’m going to go ahead and award this project taking you step-by-step so you can see exactly what we need to do next. If I had any questions before awarding the project I could simply send him a message right here. In fact sometimes you can find their number on their profile page so don’t hesitate to give them a call if they have their number published.

I’m completely sold here so I’m going to just award it by clicking on select. This brings us to the page where we can review the terms. You can see my information as the buyer and his information as the provider. It lists the start date and end date right here. We will adjust the end date because I’m not going to give him 8 days to write this article. Then down in here we can set up some milestones.

Setting up a milestone

Let’s go ahead and create a new milestone here. I recommend you do this as well. This first milestone will say, upon acceptance of project I will pay him $25. I know some people don’t like to pay anything up front but keep in mind it’s in escrow. Additionally when you pay up front it opens up the feedback system. If you have not released any money to them you cannot leave feedback.

Let’s say that Bradley just disappears and I hadn’t paid him anything yet. I’m left waiting 2 or 3 days wondering where my writer is with no recourse. However if you pay them $25 up front the feedback is open to me and I could say I don’t know what happened to him but he disappeared sorry I can’t recommend him. That puts just enough pressure on them to perform better as well.

The next thing to do is change the date and amount on the final deliverable. He stated 3 days within awarding the project so let’s go with that timeline starting tomorrow. We will adjust the amount down to $25 making the total project $50, which was his bid. As you scroll down the rest of this here you can skip by most of it and just hit award the project.

Now that we have awarded it I can fund the project. I use PayPal to pay for my projects here so let me do that. Then I select fund and it transfers me to my PayPal account where I can pay a deposit of $25. As soon as Bradley accepts the project then I simply release the first escrow payment of $25.

After clicking continue in my PayPal account it brings me right back to Elance and gives me the confirmation that the project has been awarded to Distance Development, which was Bradley. Now we are basically waiting on Bradley however I am going to assume that he is going to accept it since he bid on it so I’m going to type him a quick message that says,

Hi Bradley,

Thanks so much for your bid. I just awarded you the project. I have included the details for you below. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Before hitting the submit button I’m going to head over to Google Documents where I have prepared the actual work order. You can see right here is my master PAD article outline that I am going to give to Bradley to work from. You can see the details here. They are all basically bullet points for 10 tips to prepare your ride for a summer of care free cruising. This is very much a working title only. I’m expecting him to come up with his own headline. Then it says,

I’ve included some basic ideas for the article for you below.

  • I would like the article to talk about summer cruising.
  • These will be for higher end cars, cool cars, street rods, muscle cars, replicas and types of cars you wouldn’t dream of driving in the winter.
  • Enjoyed a great year last year of car cruises and shows
  • As the year came to an end the weather started to change, fall is in the air and winter is fast approaching

You can just kind of read through that. It’s just basically my thoughts on paper with no real thought to grammar or spelling. I just want to give him the details of what I am thinking. I included in there that I would like it to include a minimum of 7 tips and a maximum of 10 tips. Down below I give him the tips I would like him to expand on as well as the information he’ll need to write a bio for me as well.

The next step is to save this for him to review. If you’ve never used Google Documents you may want to consider doing so. This is a highly competitive program and it’s free. You can find it by doing a search for Google Documents. You can log in with your existing Google username and password. I use this service a lot.

It’s very efficient because I don’t have to upload attachments or anything. I simply click on share and then publish as a web page. I would like to publish this document as a web page. I want to select the option to automatically republish when changes are made and then click ok. Now I have a website address where this document is actually published.

All I need is to copy this address and paste it into my message to Bradley. Now he has access to all the information he needs.

You can see there is a little bit of work getting to know your way around the Elance system but once you get it you’ll see it’s really simple. This isn’t rocket science here so let’s get going and get your project posted. We’ll see you in the next video.