Episode #23 – Why Online Reviews Are Vitally Important for Your Internet Success (and How to Get More of Them)

James MartellDoes your company encourage clients to use online reviews? Are your customers leaving feedback in places that increase the reputation of your business? If you haven’t learned the importance of getting more out of online reviews then you could be missing out on a bigger bottom line. [Read more...]

Episode #21 – Citations. Why (and How) They Affect Your Google Rankings

James MartellDo you look for ways to create citations for your website? Have you given any thought to how citations affect Google rankings? Do you know why it affects them? If you aren’t giving thought to how citations influence where your website lands in search engine rankings, or if you aren’t bothering with citations at all, then your search engine rank could be suffering as a result. [Read more...]

Episode #18 – The Internet, and It’s Surprisingly Negative Effect on Small Business

Interview with James Martell

Does your small business’s advertising budget still have space for newspapers and radio ads? Have you ditched traditional advertising for trendier online methods? If you don’t know how the Internet affects your small business, then your small business could be losing out. [Read more...]

Expand2Web #16 – Hyperlocal Blogging Interview with Matt McGee from HyperLocalBlogger.com

Blogging is certainly a great way to gain exposure for your business but many business owners blog to the world at large and forget about their local market. [Read more...]