`Fresh Content, #1 Spot in Google, Choosing Your Topic & Domain, Staying Focused, Quality Affiliate Programs and More

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

To open up tonight's Q&A James answers the question about fresh content and the most recent Panda Update. In light of the announcement that having fresh content on your site is a factor in the recent algorithm changes some webmasters are unsure of how this applies to their homepage. James clarifies what fresh content means and how it applies to your site as a whole.

Then James moves on to look at various shopping cart type websites that are holding in the number one position on Google. Participants want to know exactly how these sites are holding strong when content sites are losing their spot. James shares that it's not all about content. Rather many factors are considered when Google decides who to put in the top listings and these shopping cart sites are prime examples. [Read more...]

Google Panda Update, Did Your Site Drop, Danny Sullivan’s Inside Look, Duplicate Anchor Text, Content Quality, 5 Steps to Get Your Ranks Back

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

The focus of tonight's discussion is all about the most recent Google Panda update. With so many students experiencing a drop in traffic it's time to take a step back and assess what this update did and how to correct it.

James takes you through some of his research as he hit the forums after discovering some of his own site rankings were down. Through reputable forums and search engine masters James found some common factors across the board on sites who experienced a dip in traffic including the types of pages receiving the backlinks, the type of anchor text you used, quality of the pages on your site and more. [Read more...]

PageRank, Top Rankings, PAD and Bridging Topics, Article Variations, Finding Sites to Approach

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James opens by explaining the process of PageRank and how we actually inherit it from other sites. He shares how PageRank and top rankings work together in SEO and what that means for you.

Next James moves on to a detailed discussion on PAD and things he has learned recently. With changes guest blogging PAD just became simpler. Discover tips for bridging your topic, how to find blogs and how to approach them. [Read more...]

PAD Technique, Identifying Keywords, Anchor Text, Improving Search Engine Rankings, Crafting Quality Title Tags

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James kicks off this LIVE Q&A answering questions that came through the helpdesk including tips on keyword usage on your page, selecting anchor text for PAD and copying customer comments for product testimonials. Additionally he shares how to increase visitor trust on your website using honest reviews and quoting customer testimonials.

Next James goes into detail on identifying long tail keywords to use for anchor textin PAD articles. Using a live example from one members website on Fisher Price Power Wheels he shares tips on finding variations and coming up with a profitable keyword list. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #038 – Use Drupal to Get Better Search Rankings, Build a Better Looking, Smoother Running Website, and Get Results with Affiliate Marketer Rene Tse’s Tips for Success!

Coffee Talk with Rene Tse on Drupal

James Martell, the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer sits down with one of his former pupils, Rene Tse. She tells listeners how she attended James’ first affiliate training courses and used the skills that he gave her to propel herself from literal poverty and homelessness to marketing success.

Always looking for new technology to make the life of an affiliate marketer easier and more lucrative, Rene recognized the true power of Drupal, and has used the technology herself to drive her search engine results through the roof, including several top-ten keyword hits on Google for “Home Loans” and “Cell phones.” In this edition of Coffee Talk with James Martell, Rene has come back to where she began to share tips and secrets she’s learned while teaching herself the ins-and-outs of this complex programming tool with you. [Read more...]