The School of Internet Marketing Selects the Impact Radius Technology Platform to Grow Performance Marketing Channel


World-class tracking technology ensures that each affiliate referral is tracked accurately—calls, clicks, downloads, leads, and sales.

school-of-internet-marketingVANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (PRWEB) - The School of Internet Marketing, a virtual business school that empowers small business owners to take back control of their Internet presence, has launched an affiliate marketing program that offers a 35% recurring revenue for the lifetime of each student they refer to the school. [Read more...]

Affiliate Buzz #295 – Impact Radius – Game Changing Technology

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell speaks with Todd Crawford, one of the original founders of Commission Junction and the co-founder of Impact Radius. The two discuss the game changing technology offered by Impact Radius and how it can help advertisers, affiliates, and advertisers. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #057 – Lisa Riolo, Co-Founder Of Impact Radius Explains Why Understanding Affiliate Marketing from the Advertiser’s Viewpoint Can Lead to Higher Commissions – Part 2 of 2

Coffee Talk with Lisa Riolo, Co-Founder of

James Martell, president of Net Guides Publishing Inc., interviews with Lisa Riolo a co-founder of Impact Radius who really points out how understanding the business from the advertiser’s point of view is essential if you want to make the most of your affiliate experience.

Not only can understanding how your advertiser sees the industry help you negotiate for better commissions on each sale, it can help you learn what type of value you need to showcase in order to get into the good programs and receive the type of one-on-one assistance from your affiliate manager that’ll put you on top. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #056 – Negotiate Big Commissions, Get On the “Ins” with Top Advertisers, Grow Your Own Affiliate Program with Tips And Strategies from Lisa Riolo, Co-Founder Of Impact Radius And A True Industry Pioneer – Part 1 of 2

Coffee Talk with Lisa Riolo, Co-Founder of

James Martell, President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., has been a successful affiliate and affiliate trainer since “The Caveman Days” of internet marketing. He’s seen it grow and change and knows that some of the things that held true back then are just as important today. He discusses this with Lisa Riolo in this edition of Coffee Talk. She’s was one of the women who literally help mold the affiliate marketing industry into what it is today.

Now one of the founders of Impact Radius, a hybrid next-generation affiliate network for on and offline performance based marketing, she was Commission Junction’s Vice President of Business Development from 2001 to 2006. Drawing on her experience, she explains how “everything old is new again.” Now more than ever creating a successful affiliate business (for both affiliate publishers and advertisers) is about driving qualified customers via the creation of great, meaningful content not just mindless traffic. [Read more...]