Episode #25 – What Should I Write About? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple (and Painfully Obvious Once You Hear It!)

James MartellDo you struggle with generating ideas to write about on your website? Concerned your content will not attract the search engines or the visitors? Business leaders are forever asking the question: “What should I write about?” when they are thinking about their online marketing. Content is very important and Google is forever attempting to adjust the way it ranks pages so quality content comes to the forefront. [Read more...]

Podcast #1 – Why YOU Need Great Content (and an Editor)

Kimberly JuchnowskiInterview with Kimberly Juchnowski

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, wants you to know that the old saying is still true: content is king. What’s really important, however, is that not just any content will do - it absolutely must have the top notch quality readers are looking for online. [Read more...]

Submitting to Article Directories, NicheBot, Understanding the Keyword Results, Writer’s Spec for Hiring Writers, Tracking Your Google AdSense, Evaluating High Converting Merchants and Tips On Succeeding In a Downturn Economy

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

The Recent Coffee Talk Interview with Ryan Allis on email marketing, submitting articles to article directories, using NicheBot and understanding the keyword results, using blocks in Drupal, the writer's spec for hiring writers, tracking your Google AdSense, evaluating high converting merchants and tips on succeeding in a downturn economy

During this interactive coaching session James discusses his recent Coffee Talk Interview with Ryan Allis on email marketing and when it will be available for members to listen to. Then he talks about some new information on submitting articles on article directories including a new article directory he recently submitted to at GoArticles.com. [Read more...]