The Micro Minute #1 – Facebook Graph Search

Stephanie Lichtenstein

We discuss how the Facebook Graph Search will change everything. How people find products and services and common interests. Facebook Graph Search is search on a personalized level. For more social media tips visit [Read more...]

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"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James opens with a couple inspiring stories from BootCamp members. It's always good to hear about the success of long term BootCamp members both for inspiration and motivation. During this session James shares several stories of BootCamp members success stories and where you can go to learn more.

Next James talks about CSN Stores drop in conversion and it's impact on affiliates promoting their products. With changes in management more and more sites are reporting a huge drop in conversion. This session discusses the impact and how to move through the rough patches and strive to improve your conversion. [Read more...]

Lesson #01 – Your Introduction To Facebook

This Lesson gives you a little background on the Facebook phenom. How it got its start, where it is at today on the social media radar and a bit about where it may be going in the very near future.

Lesson #02 – Lets Create A Facebook Account

Here you will learn the basics of creating your Facebook account. More importantly though, you will know more about the idea of branding yourself can make a huge difference in any marketing efforts you have planned for your Facebook account.

Lesson #03 – Your Facebook Profile & Account Settings

In Lesson 3 we will walk you through the profile and settings area. You are going to learn a few things about what you may want to add to your profile and some you may want to leave out.

Lesson #04 – Your Facebook Friends

This Lesson discusses the importance of your Facebook friends. How to find & add, grouping and creating friend lists as well as the possible need of limiting and deleting of friends. Your FB friends are a major part of your Facebook endeavors so knowing how to manage them is very important.

Lesson #05 – Your Facebook Wall

Lesson 5 will help you understand what your Facebook Wall is and its importance in helping you manage your Facebook activities.

Lesson #06 – The Facebook Newsfeed

This Lesson will explain in simple terms what the Facebook Newsfeed is and why it is quite possibly the most important element in your Facebook account.

Lesson #07 – Facebook Fan Pages Vs Facebook Groups

In this Lesson you will learn what a Fan Page is and what a Facebook Group is and the difference between the two in how they will help build your brand recognition or be a total flop before you ever get started.

Lesson #08 – Your Facebook Fan Page & How To Create One

Now that you have a basic idea of what a Fan Page is, Lesson 8 will show you step-by-step how to create a Fan Page. There are certain items you should consider in order to maximize the effectiveness of your Fan Pages & this Lesson touches on a few of them.