Communicating with Affiliate Managers, Writing with Niche Vocabulary, Duplicate Keywords and Keyword Collapser, Selecting Affiliate Products, Link Cloaking, Google +, Monitoring Competitors Traffic and More

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

To begin tonight's LIVE Q&A James addresses a common question of communicating with affiliate managers. Many affiliates online today are growing more aware of the importance in having an affiliate manager that is available to answer questions, recommend products and so much more. The question that comes is what to do if your manager's are unavailable and unresponsive?

Next James talks about getting writing from a niche vocabulary and the quality of content that will follow. He explains exactly what "niche vocabulary" is and why it's important for your articles. All though you can identify the detailed list of words through your efforts of thorough research James shares a powerful to help simply your efforts and bring your topic keywords together in an easy to follow format. [Read more...]