Top 3 Affiliate Conferences To Attend, Word Press Or Drupal, Google Algorithm Updates of 2011, Detailed Site Analysis For

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James opens with touching on upcoming changes for the BootCamp video course update, future Coffee Talks and scheduled interviews for the Affiliate Buzz. If you're looking for an insiders peak of what's in store for the BootCamp this session helps draw the path.

Next James discusses the article "Latest Google Algorithm Effect" published by This article quotes Matt Cutts as he explains what's in store for websites and the intended changes within the algorithm to prevent spammy comments and pages. [Read more...]

Google Analytics, Kompozer HTML Editor, Google Website Optimizer, and a Detailed Site Critique

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James open up by discussing how Google Analytics came to be and how powerful it is to have on your sites the moment you start getting traffic. Members can access the installation tutorial on the BootCamp website for assistance on installation of Google Analytics in Drupal and WordPress.

Next James talks about using a free html editor from that you can use to customize your pages beyond what you can inside Drupal and WordPress. He shares with participants that he was able to purchase rights to the tutorials for helping beginners learn how to use Kompozer and get the most out of it. This free html editor has the same functionality that you find in Drupal, WordPress and XSite Pro. [Read more...]

Increasing the Number of Subscribers to Your RSS Feed, Video Tutorials for WordPress and Drupal, Using Google Website Optimizer, WordPress Installation Service, One-On-One 8-Week Coaching Sessions, and Website Critiques

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James shares a powerful tip he has been using to easily increase the subscribers to his website RSS feed by making one simple change to his newsletter thank you page. He takes you inside his Google Feed burner account to demonstrate how well this simple change works and encourages everyone to consider this option for themselves.

Next James talks about the newly added video tutorials for Word Press. By visiting the BootCamp website and signing in you will be able to locate each of these videos by scrolling down on the BootCamp video page. Each of these videos walks you through different steps for setting up as you build your site online. [Read more...]

Getting the Most Out of the BootCamp Forums, New Google Keyword Based Research Tool, Google Wonder Wheel, Google AdSense, Setting Income Goals and Preparing Your Auto Responder Emails

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James shares how new members can get the most benefit in the BootCamp forums including how to navigate around, make it personal and help everyone profit from the support shared back and forth.

Next James talks about the new Google Keyword Based Research Tool that will allow you to type in the website address of your competitors and the keyword phrases they are ranking for in the paid results to determine what they are paying to rank in that spot. Then he talks a little about the Wonder Wheel tool that will display a graph of related topics on your search criteria. [Read more...]

Challenges When Just Getting Started, Staying Focused and Following Each Step One At a Time, Vanilla Flavored Content and Websites, Adding a Photo gallery, Website and Outsourcing Technical Issues to a Coder

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James talks about the challenges you might face when just starting out online. He shares some common mistakes beginners make and solicits advice from the many seasoned veterans in the room to share practical tips for staying on task and meeting success.

Next James talks about vanilla flavored content and how to recognize it. He shares that this is an article that is well written but lacks the detail and real people involved in the story. When you are writing content you want it to focus on real perspective and real people offering real content. Listen in as you hear some practical tips to avoid both vanilla flavored content as well as vanilla flavored websites. [Read more...]

Submitting to Article Directories, NicheBot, Understanding the Keyword Results, Writer’s Spec for Hiring Writers, Tracking Your Google AdSense, Evaluating High Converting Merchants and Tips On Succeeding In a Downturn Economy

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

The Recent Coffee Talk Interview with Ryan Allis on email marketing, submitting articles to article directories, using NicheBot and understanding the keyword results, using blocks in Drupal, the writer's spec for hiring writers, tracking your Google AdSense, evaluating high converting merchants and tips on succeeding in a downturn economy

During this interactive coaching session James discusses his recent Coffee Talk Interview with Ryan Allis on email marketing and when it will be available for members to listen to. Then he talks about some new information on submitting articles on article directories including a new article directory he recently submitted to at [Read more...]

AWeber Template Customization, Automating Your Newsletter with RSS, Writing Content around YouTube Videos, Google AdSense and URL Channels, Using Twitter, and More!

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this LIVE Q&A James discusses having templates designed for both his website and Arlene's email responders for aWeber. He shares the customized template is simple html code that is dropped into the aWeber message creation box and gives you a nice auto responder template. He shares that Arlene now has a nice template that matches her website. Then James talks about setting up her RSS feed to send it over to aWeber to be merged into her template and send the headline, first couple of paragraphs and a link to the site that is automatically forwarded to her subscribers.

Then James talks about digging in and setting up your newsletter mailing list. He shares that for him this is the fun part that comes after the website is up and the content is flowing in. James tells participants that setting up these newsletters in such a way that they are automated and personal is a powerful way to give your visitors information they are looking for. [Read more...]

Affiliate Summit 2009, 10 Success Strategies for Internet Marketers, Using Twitter for Website Promotion, Using Video to Develop Articles around, Google Sitemap Plug-in for Drupal, and the Importance of Internal Linking

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this LIVE Q&A James discusses the events down at Affiliate Summit 2009 in Las Vegas and focuses in detail on Jay Berkowitz's seminar on 10 Success Strategies for Internet Marketers, including the list of those 10 items. He shares examples using and how her site is a good example of many of the strategies he talked about.

Then James goes into a detailed discussion in and how it works. He gives some examples that you can do with each of your accounts. He gives suggestions on selecting your Twitter username and recommends using your business name or a keyword around your topic. James also discusses how many Twitter accounts to consider having to keep them manageable. Then he discusses using a free service called Tweet Deck to help make sure you don't miss any of your important updates. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #038 – Use Drupal to Get Better Search Rankings, Build a Better Looking, Smoother Running Website, and Get Results with Affiliate Marketer Rene Tse’s Tips for Success!

Coffee Talk with Rene Tse on Drupal

James Martell, the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer sits down with one of his former pupils, Rene Tse. She tells listeners how she attended James’ first affiliate training courses and used the skills that he gave her to propel herself from literal poverty and homelessness to marketing success.

Always looking for new technology to make the life of an affiliate marketer easier and more lucrative, Rene recognized the true power of Drupal, and has used the technology herself to drive her search engine results through the roof, including several top-ten keyword hits on Google for “Home Loans” and “Cell phones.” In this edition of Coffee Talk with James Martell, Rene has come back to where she began to share tips and secrets she’s learned while teaching herself the ins-and-outs of this complex programming tool with you. [Read more...]