Episode #25 – What Should I Write About? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple (and Painfully Obvious Once You Hear It!)

James MartellDo you struggle with generating ideas to write about on your website? Concerned your content will not attract the search engines or the visitors? Business leaders are forever asking the question: “What should I write about?” when they are thinking about their online marketing. Content is very important and Google is forever attempting to adjust the way it ranks pages so quality content comes to the forefront. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #083 – Podcast Your Way to Success with Don Landwirth, Host of The Free COO Podcast and Business Start-up Expert

donald-landwirthCoffee Talk with Donald Landwirth

In this edition of Coffee Talk, James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, talks with Don Landwirth about the power of using audio to engage your audience. Podcasting, in particular, is a relatively untouched online marketing tool that can help you get ahead of your competitors by giving your audience a fresh way to connect with your business. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #070 – What Is Article Marketing? Is It Still an Effective Strategy? Can It Do More Harm Than Good?

James MartellCoffee Talk with James Martell

The successful affiliate marketer, successful author and host of the Affiliate Marketer’s SUPER BootCamp has had enough of people getting suckered into this “churn and burn” business model. He has seen the damage it has done first hand – one website saw it’s Google rankings fall from page one to page 30 after engaging in SEO article marketing! [Read more...]

Paula and Wanda’s Ebook, Analyzing Other Pages Online for Backlinks, Tips for Getting Quality Backlinks, Getting Started with PAD, Keywords for PAD, and Finding Ideas for Content

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James kicks of this LIVE Q&A discussing Paula and Wanda's new e-Book on how they made money at affiliate marketing with Amazon. These two managed to master the art of article reviews and how to capitalize their conversion to generate and average monthly income of $10,000 a month through Amazon.

Next James gets into a detailed discussion on exactly what a qaulity backlink is. You'll hear how to analyze other pages on the internet to ensure the link back to your site is quality and offers up the most value possible. Additionally you'll hear tips on how to optimize your page that other websites are linking to so your page will rank well in the search results. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #039 – How to Make the Most of Cutting-edge Social Media, Guarantee Google Results, and Ensure Your Content is Targeted Correctly from Former Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and E-Diets.com Marketer Jay Berkowitz

Coffee Talk with Jay Berkowitz from 10GoldenRules.com

James Martell, the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer sits down with internet marketing super-star Jay Berkowitz, former high-profile marketer for Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and E-Diets.com, and current CEO of The Ten Golden Rules to discuss Jay’s current Top Ten Hottest Strategies for Internet Marketing today.

While working at E-Diets.com, Jay was given the opportunity to speak at a gathering of his fellow marketing experts but instead of give a cookie-cutter speech he decided to dig deep. In doing so, he examined the latest trends, found out what worked and what didn’t, and created his Top Ten list of the hottest trends and most powerful tools in the internet marketing world today. [Read more...]

Using Surveys To Generate Content, Building Out Your Site, Coming Up With Ideas For A Newsletter, Getting Traffic To Your Site And Building A Business Around One Page Of Content

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James explains how using a survey is a valuable tool to help determine the topic of you content. He shares ideas on the type of questions to ask and how to encourage your visitors to answer the questions.

He shares detailed information on building out your website by comparing two options of staying niche or expanding more general to your area. Next explains the importance of generating a newsletter and offers ways to come up with ideas even if your topic doesn't seem conducive to having one. [Read more...]