Coffee Talk #089 – Save Time, Simplify Operations, And Convert More Leads With An “All-In-One” Business Operating System

Lars HelgesonJames Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz and Founder of The School of Internet Marketing, knows that integrating and streamlining as many aspects as possible within your business can make running much less it less stressful while generating a higher profit. [Read more...]

A Detailed Discussion on Drupal Content Management System, Available Modules, Adding Blocks & Other Automatic Functionality, Providing an Easy Drupal Installation and Using Tags and Categories

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this LIVE Q&A James goes into a detailed discussion on using the Drupal content management system. He asks participants to share their experiences with installing and setting up the Drupal content management system and encourages them to share feedback on their struggles and time. Then he informs participants of the option to have access to an install copy of and shares where you can go to find more information.

Next James talks about all the modules that are included in the Drupal site. He discusses what each module can be used for and gives an example of how Arlene is using each module on her site. He talks about the important aspects including SEO friendly urls and sitemaps as well as a custom sign up form for both the site and the auto responder. [Read more...]