Coffee Talk #090 – How to Use 5-Star Reviews to Win New Customers

Don CampbellCoffee Talk with Don Campbell

James Martell, host of Coffee Talk and founder of The School of Internet Marketing, knows firsthand the importance of customer reviews, not only because of how they affect his own business but also because of how they affect his clients’ businesses. [Read more...]

Episode #22 – How to Claim Your Business Directory Listings (A Simple Strategy to Increase Local Rankings and Traffic)

James MartellDo you want to increase your Google rankings? Could your website use some additional traffic? If you aren’t using strategies designed to increase rankings and traffic, then you are likely missing out on benefits associated with them. [Read more...]

Episode #21 – Citations. Why (and How) They Affect Your Google Rankings

James MartellDo you look for ways to create citations for your website? Have you given any thought to how citations affect Google rankings? Do you know why it affects them? If you aren’t giving thought to how citations influence where your website lands in search engine rankings, or if you aren’t bothering with citations at all, then your search engine rank could be suffering as a result. [Read more...]

Episode #19 – Your Internet Footprint – Learn How It Determines Your Success

Interview with James Martell

Are you ready to learn more about how your internet footprint affects your business? Does your business currently meet all of the goals you have for it? Have you taken time to learn how your internet footprint determines your success? If you aren’t up to date on how internet footprints affect businesses, then yours could pay the price. [Read more...]