Coffee Talk #042 – Can Affiliate Marketing Counter Uncertainty In an Unstable Economy, Allow You to Overcome Unemployment, and Lead to Independence?

Coffee Talk with Super Affiliate, Brent Truitt

James Martell, President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer always brings interesting people by for his Coffee Talk chats but this interview stands out from the rest. This time around James speaks with Brent Truitt, one of his former students who used the skills James taught him to overcome unemployment at the hands of corporate downsizing.

A former airline mechanic, Brent was laid off but refused to dwell on the negative aspects of the experience and saw an opportunity hidden within. He took the leap of faith, began working from home, and became his own boss after coming across
James’s website on the internet and hasn’t ever looked back. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #012 – From Musician to Airline Engineer to SUPER Affiliate, Brent Truitt Tells How He Kept His Dreams Alive and Achieved Online Success Using James’ 8 Steps

Coffee Talk with Brent Truitt, Super Affiliate

A Coffee Talk first, James sits down with his own business developer, Phil Watkins, and super affiliate Brent Truitt, for a look at what it takes to achieve success -- online and off. In this candid discussion, the three pinpoint exactly what it took for Brent to climb out of living "well below the poverty level" to enjoying an income of more than $12,000 every month!

They also talk about how they all know each other and prove to listeners that, even in this age of technology, we live in a very small world. [Read more...]