Affiliate Buzz #263 – Secure Search Rankings By Avoiding Excessive Duplication of Anchor Text

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz podcast James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author speaks with wife and co-host Arlene Martell about proper use of anchor text, new recommendations to consider and how to avoid excessive duplication of your phrases. [Read more...]

Choosing Keywords for a Niche Vocabulary, Analyzing Competitor Websites, Turning Off Personalized Search, Anchor Text Usage and Formatting Your PAD Articles

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

Tonight's Q&A kicks off discussing keyword research as you pick your topic. James walks you through Google AdWords Keyword Tool for a step-by-step example of how to fully flush out a niche vocabulary for all your content needs.

Next James talks about how to assess your competitors websites now that Yahoo site explorer has been shut down. You'll see a variety of tools available on the market today to help you determine what you need to beat your toughest competitor. [Read more...]

Google Panda Update, Did Your Site Drop, Danny Sullivan’s Inside Look, Duplicate Anchor Text, Content Quality, 5 Steps to Get Your Ranks Back

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

The focus of tonight's discussion is all about the most recent Google Panda update. With so many students experiencing a drop in traffic it's time to take a step back and assess what this update did and how to correct it.

James takes you through some of his research as he hit the forums after discovering some of his own site rankings were down. Through reputable forums and search engine masters James found some common factors across the board on sites who experienced a dip in traffic including the types of pages receiving the backlinks, the type of anchor text you used, quality of the pages on your site and more. [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing Retirement Plan, Duplicate Content, The PAD Technique, Bridging Topics, Finding PAD Partners, Anchor Text

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James opens discussing Todd Tresidder's view on affiliate marketing - the 1,000,000 retirement plan. He shares a lengthy article Todd recently written as well as takes you on a tour of his site to demonstrate both quality of content and credibility on Todd's perspective.

Next James shows participants how to check for plagerism on outsourced articles using Google's advanced search. Learning the limit on what percentage of duplication is important when it comes to publishing content online. James suggests little to no duplication is acceptable and to always check your content. [Read more...]

PAD Technique, Approaching Webmasters, Benefits To Other Webmasters, Crafting Headlines, Analyzing Websites for PAD, Time Management, Anatomy Of A Squeeze Page, HTML Code

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James opens with a detailed discussion on approaching webmasters during the PAD technique. Seasoned PAD distributers offer up powerful tips on getting your articles published. You'll hear a list of benefits you can offer other webmasters to increase you chances of getting a yes.

Next James talks about a free report that offers up 102 headline templates referred to as "fill in the blank" headlines. The power of a well written headline is huge and this report can help you get your headlines together in a way that entices your readers to read on. [Read more...]

Anchor Text Map, Clutter Free Pages, Meta Tags, Choosing Your Product, Ranking for Competitive Keywords, Critical Changes After Your Page Is Indexed, How Google Ranks Your Page, Social Media, Well Crafted Title Tags

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James kicks off this LIVE Q&A with a new visual of an anchor text map. This visual helps put into perspective how the backlinks flow into your pages as you gain backlinks on the web. Then you see two pages side by side as you compare the difference between a clean page and a cluttered page.

Next James shares tips on choosing a product. You'll hear how to evaluate products that are niche specific, will convert well and considerations for seasonal vs. year round products. You see Chris's websites and as a live example of seasonal vs. non-seasonal sites. [Read more...]

Lesson 01 – Anchor Text

In this session I will show you how to create a list of five to ten anchor text links for each of the important pages on your website. This anchor text, which is sometimes called link text, are the words that make up that little blue text link that resides on someone else’s website that when clicked on will take the visitor directly to a page on your website.

These links are linked from other pages on the internet onto pages on your site and are what Google primarily looks at when ranking your pages in the search results. They look at the keyword phrase that the other webmaster linked as one of the major factors in determining what your page is about and where it should reside in the search results. Needless to say, choosing the text that you will give to the other webmasters to use as the link is a very important task.

I think this will all come to light for you as I take you through the steps required in developing a small list of keyword phrases for the various pages on your website. I’m going to take you through three types of pages. We’re going to look at the product page, which is where we feature the brands. I’m going to take you through an article review and we will go through the steps on how to determine the links for the home page of your website as well.

Selecting Keywords for Product Pages

First we will start off with the product pages. I’m going to use Jane’s site as an example. In the top left menu we have her brands listed; Airhead Products, Aquaglide, Rave Sports and Sportsstuff Inc.

We’re going to go with Airhead Products as I take you through how to develop the anchor text links that are going to link back directly to this page from other blogs, chat forums, within PAD articles, etc. on the internet. These are the links that will link directly to this page when clicked on from other sites on the internet.

Her product line on this page is the Airhead Towable Tubes. You can see the title tag up in the far top left hand corner of this page. She would like to rank for all the keyword phrases relating to the Airhead products, specifically Airhead towable tubes.

I want you to open a couple browser windows, one for a page from your website like I have her towable tubes page opened. You will also need to have the Google AdWords Keyword Tool opened. To find that tool simply do a Google search for Google AdWords Keyword Tool and it will come up in the number one space. Also you’ll want to open a blank notepad so we can enter some of the keywords we find. I think you are going to see once we get done how easily this can be done.

Product (Brand) Pages

Now let’s go back here for a second. You can imagine that if Jane is marketing Airhead towable tubes it would be very nice for her to rank for these types of keywords for this page because it is very specific to the Airhead product line.

The links here take you directly through to the merchant so if someone were to land on this page, click through and head off to, in her case, they would be able to buy all of the Airhead products including towable tubes and various products. That would be a very good thing for Jane because she gets paid a commission for each one of those as will you with the products you will be marketing on your own site.

You can see as well that we have this page ready to go. What we need to do now is come up with a little list of keyword phrases that we would like this particular page to rank for in the search results. This is where the Google AdWords keyword tool comes in and where we want to get very specific.

We can start off by typing airhead tubes in the search area at the top. Then Google will bring up all the keywords that relate to that specifically. You can imagine now it would be very good for Jane to rank for; airhead tube, airhead tubes, airhead towable, etc. You can see that I have checked the radio box for descriptive words or phrases. Then I simply typed that in the box provided and hit get keyword ideas.

Now I don’t pay attention to where it says not enough data. I simply pay attention to the number under the monthly search volume. This is good enough for me. We want to rank for all of these keyword phrases. I know a lot of times this is one of the mistakes that people make when they look at these words down here that have 91 or 110 searches and think that’s not a lot. It’s true that it isn’t a lot in the global scheme of things, however if we can rank for all kinds of these keywords once they accumulate and you are ranking for hundreds and thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of phrases around a particular topic, that’s where the money is.

We always like to start at the low hanging fruit and then work our way up to the more popular keyword phrases. In this case we want to be very specific. You can see we have typed in airhead tubes and then I’m going to scroll down the list and click the add keyword button for each keyword I want to select. This will add the keyword in a little box on the right. We can continue down the list until we add all the words we want.

I’m only looking for about ten or so keyword phrases. We don’t need to get carried away. Keywords like airhead slice, airhead viper and airhead blast are particular products in the airhead product line. We are not going to touch those here. We are going to stay specific to the general airhead keywords because we already have a product review on airhead slice tubes and we will use that phrase on that particular page. Right now we are going to stay focused on this page.

Back on the site we have a link to big slice towable tubes in the right hand column. That is a different keyword list that we do not need to worry about here. We are going to stick with the more general airhead keyword phrases. We can skip over those keywords as well as ski, ufo and the like. Here we have water tubes. That’s pretty generic so we can use that. Ski tubes and towable tubes are good ones. You can see every time I click on add it adds them to the list in the top right hand corner.

We have pretty much gone through that list now. You can look down below but you won’t generally find anything in there. Here is another one that reads airhead towable but I think you will find we will get that in the top list anyhow.

The next thing we are going to do is type airhead towable tubes in the keyword box above to run a new search. Click on get keyword ideas and it will give us a slightly different list. It shows us the keywords we already have in the list on the right because it won’t let you add anything twice.

As we scroll down the page nothing really pops out so now we will try the general keyword phrase airhead. Now airhead can mean anything. You may have a friend you call an airhead but we are talking about tubes here.

If you scroll down you can see the new list of suggestions there as well as the ones you’ve already selected. I see airhead inflatable. That’s a good one so I’ll take it. Airhead slice again is one of the products that we will be focused on with another search. We’ll take airhead towables. Next I see airhead water. I guess that could be one so we’ll take it.

You can see that most of these are products. We don’t need to worry about grabbing all those here because we are going to be writing reviews for every one of these products. Viper towable is a product line. Here is airhead inflatable with 210 searches. We’ll take that one. I will probably take airhead watersports as well. It looks like that’s about it.

Now we’ve created a nice little list of 12 keywords. That’s not a bad little list. I think we will take that. These will be the anchor text links that will be residing out in the PAD articles and will be linking back specifically to this page. They will also be used in blog commenting and chat forums and the various ways I am going to show you to get backlinks as we move through the course here.

Now below our list on the right hand side you can see a link that says text. I’m going to click on that. When it pops open I’m going to tell it to open in a notepad document. Now you can see it has given me a nice little list of anchor text keywords to use on other peoples websites to link back to this particular airhead page.

It’s pretty basic stuff. There are a couple of minor things to keep in mind, we want to add the actual URL to this list because some webmasters like to link using just the website address vs. hyperlinking a keyword phrase. Then we would also have some other words in here like click here because sometimes some webmasters will just use click here. Because we want this to be real and not look manufactured we want to set this up in a way that it looks really real in the world.

That gives you your list of keywords. You may want to also take the headline of the page for the top of this document so you know what they are. For now we are going to set this aside and in a few minutes I’ll show you how to develop a similar list for one of your product reviews.

Article Review – Specific Products

Next we are going to move on to one of your article reviews. You will probably see rather quickly that there are not going to be a lot of keyword phrases for a lot of article reviews depending on how well known the brand is. In the right hand column on the site we have a couple airhead reviews. I’m going to use these to give you an example of what another keyword list would look like.

We’ve done the brand for airhead. Now we are going to work on one of the reviews to give you a feeling of how this would come together. One thing though, when you are developing your keyword list I would recommend that you sit down and do all the brands first and then work into just a few of the article reviews at this point. We are looking for 6 little keyword lists in total; 3 for the brands depending on how many you have, a couple article reviews and then the home page.

We’ve done one of the brands to give you an example there. Next I’m going to use one of these products. I’m going to use Airhead 2-Rider Viper Towable Tube. We’re going to open this up and you can see a picture of it. There is the headline for it. I’m going to grab this headline and head back to the Google AdWords keyword tool. I’m going to empty out the list on the right hand side because we’ve already copied that into a notepad document and we are going to start from the beginning.

When you paste that headline in here it doesn’t matter if it’s upper or lower case. Google is going to make everything lower case any way so it doesn’t matter. Now we have the Airhead2-Rider Towable Tube results in and it looks like it may be too specific. We can take away “2-Rider” and try it again to see what we get.

Now we are getting keywords that are looking pretty vague so now let’s try airhead viper. This will probably be more specific and give us a little more to work with here. There we go. You can see sometimes we have to dig around a little bit.

We have airhead viper, we’ll take that one. Here is the airhead viper 2 and viper 3. I might look at those because I would imagine this is where you have to look back on the page a little bit. They are calling it a viper 2, 3 and 4. I would imagine that in this case these numbers are the number of riders you can have at once. It looks like this would be a two person although I would verify that if I was doing this for real on my own site but for the purpose of this example I am going to assume that to be true. I am going to add viper 2, airhead viper tube, airhead viper towable, kwik tek airhead viper, airhead viper 2 towable.

Okay we don’t have nearly as many on this list as the last one. We are sitting at about 6 keywords here. This little list is all I need so I will click on the text option below and open in a notepad. Sometimes you are only going to get 2 words. It all depends on how well known the brands are. Keep in mind that we are writing reviews for every one of the products over time here so we’re going to eventually cover off all of the keyword phrases.

What we want to remember is to be very specific. The nice thing about Google AdWords and the keyword tool that they offer us here is that we are not guessing. We know that there are real people searching for these exact phrases. These are powerful little phrases.

Now I would add this to the same notepad document as the other one. I will take the headline and copy it above this list so I know what these keywords are for. Again, other people out on the internet will be linking through to this particular page of content here. I’ll also grab the URL and add it to this list because some people will want to link directly to this page using the URL. In some cases when the URL is long like this one the webmaster will link the keyword phrases. Some people may also link the word click here and various phrases so we’ll add those to.

You can imagine if there were half a dozen or even a dozen quality websites linking to this particular page on the airhead viper 2 towable tube using these keyword phrases Google could very quickly determine that this page was probably about the airhead viper 2 towable tube. With a little bit of common sense I think you can see how this all comes together.

Home Page

Lastly I’ll take you over to the home page where we will create an anchor text list for this page as well. Now this is typically going to be a little bit longer because the home page uses more general keyword phrases. We are going to stay away from the brands, particular products and instead go with the more generic and general keyword phrases like towable tubes, towable tube reviews and so on.

We will once again head over to the Google AdWords tool. We’ll clear out the list that is there and type in towable tubes and then click get keyword ideas. We will probably end up with 15 to 20 generic type keywords. These are ideal for the home page. You might find that you get a few more than that as well.

Let’s see what we get for towable tubes. Obviously that is the underlying topic for the website. We’ll get towable tube and towable tubes. Towable ski tubes is probably too specific but I will take towable water tubes. We’ll take tubes and towables, inflatable towable tube. You can see how that one is pretty general. It’s not a brand or a specific product. It’s ideal for the home page.

We’ll also take water towable tubes and towable tubes. Next we have airhead towable tubes. We’ll stay away from that since we covered it over on our brand page. This one here is kind of a weird word, person towable tube, so I think I might skip over that one. When we see keywords like three person tubes we can skip those because we have other pages on the site that are specifically for that.

We’ll take water tubes towable, boat towable tubes, towable boat tube, towable inner tube and towable inner tubes. You can see the list up here in the right is building as we go through this. It’s starting to look pretty good. We can skip over ski tubes, snow tubes and four person tubes. A little further down we have inflatable towable tube water we can use. Inflatable towable tubes is a good one. Mable is a brand name so we’ll skip that one. Best is a good one to use as is towable tube reviews. That is a great keyword phrase.

We’ll take tubes and towables, best towable as well. As we get further down the list you can see the words are pretty small in the searches but we’ll take them. When I see words like cheap I stay away from those. It’s just a personal preference. You can see that we have a decent keyword list here. Now you could imagine if there were a variety of websites out on the internet all linking back to the home page of Jane’s towable tubes site using these keyword phrases Google could quickly determine that her home page was about towable tubes.

Again I would open this up in notepad and make a copy of it. You can see the list here. It’s a nice tidy little list. I would again grab the headline and URL for this page. The headline so I know what this list is for and the URL so webmasters can use that as the link text if they prefer. I would probably leave these all in one list. Again some people will use words like click here so I will add that. We’ll talk more about that as we get into future videos.

I think for now that will give you a pretty good indication of how to put together a keyword list for each of the types of pages on your website whether it be a review or a product page or a home page. We are not going to have to do this on every page for your site so no worry there. This could get a little tedious and tiresome over time.

You’ll find that as you begin to get your PAD articles out with your initial goal being 20, we’ll get into more detail on what a PAD article is later and why it is a proven and trusted way to get backlinks to your site and the top ten rankings you are looking for, I think you will find that once you get that out there many, many other pages on your site will start to rank naturally and automatically as Google starts to trust your site more and more.

All right so get to work if you would. You want to create a small keyword list for each of your product pages or brands. You want to create at least a couple for your reviews so pick a couple good reviews. Then of course you want a list for your home page as well. You are typically looking at around 5 or 6 of these keyword lists. It shouldn’t take you long but it’s a job you have to do. Good luck with it and we’ll catch you on the next video.


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