Coffee Talk #082 – How to Start a Successful Affiliate Program

sarah-carolynCoffee Talk with Sarah Bundy & Carolyn Kmet

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, has worked successfully within the affiliate marketing space for well over a decade. In this edition of Coffee Talk, he sits down with Sarah Bundy and Carolyn Kmet, two powerhouse industry vets who have done the same. The expert trio discusses what types of businesses can do well with affiliate marketing and how those business owners can get started. [Read more...]

`Fresh Content, #1 Spot in Google, Choosing Your Topic & Domain, Staying Focused, Quality Affiliate Programs and More

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

To open up tonight's Q&A James answers the question about fresh content and the most recent Panda Update. In light of the announcement that having fresh content on your site is a factor in the recent algorithm changes some webmasters are unsure of how this applies to their homepage. James clarifies what fresh content means and how it applies to your site as a whole.

Then James moves on to look at various shopping cart type websites that are holding in the number one position on Google. Participants want to know exactly how these sites are holding strong when content sites are losing their spot. James shares that it's not all about content. Rather many factors are considered when Google decides who to put in the top listings and these shopping cart sites are prime examples. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #062 – You Can Look Back To A Past ShareASale Think Tank To Learn The 7 Things YOU Must Look For In A High-Converting Affiliate Program (Audio & Video)

In this Coffee Talk, James also tells you exactly how to evaluate a merchant and shares seven things that make an affiliate program successful, making it one java break you don’t want to miss.

Having attended the ShareASale Think Tank back in ’07 in Scottsdale AZ, where James and 59 other top affiliates participated in the critique of 12 merchant’s websites, he talked about this short ‘breakation’ and how he uses the time away to recharge his own creativity. [Read more...]

The Affiliate Marketers Answer Book, Adding Affiliate Programs to Current Sites, Monetizing Niche Topics, Using Google Adwords Keyword Tool

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James kicks off by introducing participants to the new Affiliate Marketers 'Answer Book' where new affiliates can get answers to the most common questions in the industry as well as a break down of how online marketing has evolved over the years.

Then James addresses one BootCamp member's question on how he can add affiliate products to his current site, without watering down the primary objective of attracting visitors to the beautiful Virginia Mountain resort. James discusses different ways of monetizing the site as well as tips on getting more traffic targeted towards the cabin rentals. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #031 – Coffee Talk with Sean Hendrickson from on Affiliate Programs

Coffee Talk with Sean Hendrickson from Digital River’s

Listen in as James Martell, a successful affiliate marketer, renowned author, and the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., sits down with Sean Hendrickson, the advertising sales and business manager for One Network Direct.

Hendrickson started out in 1993 creating a company called Hendrickson began his career in ecommerce selling academic software through the site in 1993. In 1996, he began his career with Digital River as a product manager, and then in 2000 moved into brand management and merchandising. In 2004 he became involved in the One Network Direct Affiliate Program. Today, One Network Direct works with over 1500 associates, 50,000 software publishers, and boasts sales of over $2 billion annually. [Read more...]

One Site vs. Multiple Sites, Applying for Affiliate Programs, How Backlinks Enhance Competitive Topics, Optimizing RSS Feeds in Search Engines, and Information on Drupal Tutorial Videos

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive question and answer period James digs into the pros and cons of having one site or multiple site. He discusses the process of building a successful affiliate business online from the perspective on one website and then divided it between multiple sites. He shows you the different possible scenarios and how to decide which way to proceed with your business.

Next James discusses the process for applying a Affiliate Programs and shares what order the tasks should be completed in. He shares information on the availability among merchants and things they consider when approving or denying your application. [Read more...]