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The Affiliate Marketers Handbook 10th Edition, Web 2.0, Pingbacks & Trackbacks, Blog Comments On Your Site, How PageRank Flows, and Webmaster Tools

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

To begin tonight's LIVE Q&A James kicks off by discussing the newest edition of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook. He shares this year is the 10th anniversary and he and Arlene decided it was time to revamp the handbook. A work in progress this newest edition is focusing on Web 2.0, a yet to be defined term for the advancements in the online industry incorporating social media.

Next James gets into a discussion on pingbacks and trackbacks inside of WordPress. He talks in detail about what these are and his recommendation on how to handle them. There has been some noted benefit for PageRank so the decision to keep them should be considered completely. But adding the clutter to your posts is something he recommends against. Instead he says you can move them to your trashcan and still receive the credit. [Read more...]