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"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

To begin tonight's LIVE Q&A James addresses a common question of communicating with affiliate managers. Many affiliates online today are growing more aware of the importance in having an affiliate manager that is available to answer questions, recommend products and so much more. The question that comes is what to do if your manager's are unavailable and unresponsive?

Next James talks about getting writing from a niche vocabulary and the quality of content that will follow. He explains exactly what "niche vocabulary" is and why it's important for your articles. All though you can identify the detailed list of words through your efforts of thorough research James shares a powerful to help simply your efforts and bring your topic keywords together in an easy to follow format. [Read more...]

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"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James kicks off this LIVE Q&A sharing a detailed peek for the upcoming Outsourcing course. You'll hear what's in store for this new course and how it can benefit you regardless of your budget.

Next James opens the floor to Dan Maynard as he explains the trends of summer traffic vs fall and winter traffic. You'll hear how the peek season for your topic will swarm your site with traffic and increase your sales as a result for people's different motives for the visitors. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #043 – Increase Traffic And Commissions, And Learn What Affiliate Managers Want To See (And Hear) From Affiliates

Coffee Talk with Linda Woods, President of

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer has made it his mission to make learning affiliate marketing as easy as possible by bringing industry insiders to his Coffee Talk series.

This edition is no exception.

James speaks–once again–with Linda Woods, President of, about how affiliate management actually works, why most affiliates fail to make the most of their individual programs, and how easy getting started in this business can be if you can overcome the number one hurdle affiliates face: their own shyness! [Read more...]

Organizing Pages and Priorities, Organizing Elements On Your Homepage, Using Surveys, Drupal Themes, Working With Keyword Search Lists, Working With Affiliate Managers And A Well Organized Product Page

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James gives a detailed explanation of pages and priorities. He shares tips on how to order your priorities and develop you page initial pages of content.

Next James offers examples of creating a static page for your homepage and it's basic layout for navigation options and images on the page. He walks you through each element of the page to demonstrate a simple easy to follow format for an effective static homepage. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #023 – It Quickly Becomes VERY Apparent that there are Huge Advantages to Chatting with Your Affiliate Manager to Truly Learn About the Products You are Marketing!

Coffee Talk with Shlomo Savyon from

Listen as James Martell, a successful affiliate marketer, natural search expert and the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., sits down with two very special guests, Shlomo Savyon, founder of Alfa Medical and, and Mark Sanders, National Sales Manager of the Alfa Medical Laboratory Division, to discuss the importance of establishing and nurturing a relationship with your affiliate manager, and in doing so touch on some of the key components of online publishing success.

This Coffee Talk edition also details Martell's newest project, which will be an affiliate website for Working hand-in-hand with Savyon and Sanders, the three go over the questions affiliates old and new need to ask their affiliate managers, including questions about commissions, product lines, buy cycles, payouts, and more. [Read more...]