School of Internet Marketing Instructor Shares Steps on How to Keep Calm in High Stress Situations


New podcast with Jonathan Goodman reveals how communication breaks down within high stress business environments

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) - Keep Calm and Carry On. These words really resonate to a business owner. Owning a business is challenging and often highly stressful. In his weekly podcast, Professor at The School of Internet Marketing and President of Halyard Consulting, Jonathan Goodman talked about the importance of keeping calm in stressful situations and moving forward even when business is slow or not going the way expected. The message is beneficial to anyone who deals with stressful situations but is especially relevant to business owners who deal with constant challenges and highly-charged situations.

"When you’re running your own business, you can become very high stressed." – Jonathan Goodman

Miscommunication is often at the root of stressful situations. Email is the primary method of communication in business today and although it is quick and easy - it can be a huge source of miscommunication. You cannot see the person’s body language or hear the tone it is written in. Things can get confused quickly and conflict can escalate. In the podcast, Goodman discusses the importance of being calm in situations of miscommunication and he shares how to calm down in a stressful situation. He used personal situations he has dealt with to illustrate how to resolve a situation involving miscommunication.

Gaining clients is one of the biggest challenges that a business owner faces. Goodman discusses the process and how gaining new clients doesn't always happen overnight. He also warns that if an Internet marketing company offers to make a company rank #1 on Google within a month, it is probably too good to be true.

Another source of stress for business owners is security. Goodman shared important information about a new WordPress plugin called Authy designed to help protect websites from hackers. With a secondary authentication, Authy protects sites from being accessed by a hacker. Goodman also recommended using a secure server to provide further protection of websites. Using the right tools to protect a website allows a business owner to “keep calm and carry on” with their other tasks and obligations instead of focusing on the security of their site.

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About Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is a professor at The School of Internet Marketing and the President of Halyard Consulting. He started his career over 20 years ago at the dawn of the Internet age producing websites for Fortune 500 companies. He holds an MBA, an MS, and a BFA. Halyard Consulting is an Internet marketing firm, exclusively focused on WordPress development and search optimization. Jonathan is also the author of the well-received book The World of Internet Marketing and has a weekly podcast by the same name.



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