Coffee Talk #073 – Gain Targeted, Loyal Customers by Marketing Your Local Market

Rusty WoodCoffee Talk with Rusty Wood

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, wants to see small businesses succeed online. With his experience as a successful full time Internet marketer for over 10 years, he knows it’s possible for business owners to make a name for themselves on the internet.

In this edition of Coffee Talk, James chats with Rusty Wood, operator of a successful online office supply products company. Rusty has over 40 years of experience in the industry and is the co-founder of a national office supply super-store that he helped build “from an idea to over $365 million in revenue.”

Rusty runs, as well as an internet marketing company which services small-to-medium sized businesses. In this podcast, you’ll hear a number of effective small business marketing tips from two internet marketers who know how to succeed.

Online Marketing Opportunities - Don’t Miss Out

The internet offers a number of ways to increase customer engagement, acquire new customers, and beat out competition. Many businesses are transitioning from traditional advertising to include new online methods in their small business marketing plan.

Rusty’s expert insight will help you do the same. He shares easy and exciting ways that you can use the marketing opportunities available on the internet to build both local and online brand awareness for your business.

One of the most exciting things about online marketing is that even small businesses have the opportunity to make a name for themselves. The internet is a relatively even playing field when it comes to marketing, which gives small businesses more opportunities than ever before.

A New Era in Marketing - Make the Transition

The internet paves the way for a whole new business model, one that is incredibly cost-effective and efficient. Traditional models face challenges, including being limited to a fixed platform as well as being restricted in the ways business owners are allowed to market themselves.

If you’re ready to transition from these traditional models and old-school forms of advertising to start taking advantage of online opportunities, this podcast will help you get the know-how you need. You’ll hear about:

  • Affiliate marketing and how you can quickly and easily offer customers the products they want, even when your distributor doesn't carry them.
  • Why you need a business website and how you can maintain it with limited investment of your time.
  • Outsourcing some of your online marketing tasks so you’re free to do what you’re best at.
  • Free tools that will help you succeed online.

Small Business Marketing Tips to Target Your Ideal Customers

Traditional methods of advertising are not very targeted. It’s often hard to tell exactly how effective they even are. With new forms of internet marketing for small business, you can specifically target your advertising efforts using social media marketing avenues such as:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Adsense
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

Rusty goes into depth with methods of using these marketing tools to target customers that will be interested in your company. Listen in for actionable ways that you can take advantage of these opportunities.

Learn about the “internet marketing mindset” and how developing this perspective can help you succeed online. The School of Internet Marketing can help you stay on top of internet marketing news and teach you what you should be doing with easy-to-digest, actionable courses on how to get started marketing your personal and corporate brand online.

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