Lesson 17 – RSS Feeds Pt03: Twitter

All right, we’re moving right along with the RSS Feeds and in this video tutorial I would like to another service we use called Buzzom and you can find it at Buzzom.com. It’s designed to work in conjunction with your Twitter account and your website. The idea here is that when certain areas of your website is updated it would be nice to alert Twitter automatically so that you don’t need to continually update Twitter manually.

Let me show you what we’ve done by taking you over to Arlene’s Twitter account for EpilepsyMoms.com. You can see here that her feed includes recent content from her website. Right at the top here it reads; “Hi All – Our story and the Keto Diet.” I would assume this update is where somebody logged into the chat forum on EpilepsyMoms.com to say hello.

It looks like this post just came in the last 14 hours. This is a girl named Melissa who has come in here to share her story about her step daughter Maddie being on the ketogenic diet. Just to follow along what has happened is Melissa joined Arlene’s chat forum and then shared her story with the other members of the website. Then as soon as she hit post Twitter was updated with her headline and the url automatically.

This is a great way to continually keep your Twitter account active and vibrant with real people. Arlene has her account set up so that every time she adds a new podcast, blog post, or somebody is chatting in the chat forum her Twitter account is updated automatically. You can see too that these are real people making these posts so if somebody is following Arlene on Twitter and sees this post they can click on it and head over to that particular page.

This is a great way to not only keep people coming back to your site but to also keep your Twitter account active, vibrant and get people chatting. You can pretty much see this is a great way to bring people back to your site continually.

You want to set this up in such a way that your Twitter account is automatically updated every time an action is taken on your website. We talked about having the various Feeds in a previous video and in this case I happen to have Arlene’s open to give you an example of the way this would work.

I will show you again where she got her specific Feed for her chat forum. You go to her chat forum, click on general discussions, scroll down to the bottom of the page and right mouse click the RSS Feed icon. Select copy link address and you’re ready to go.

Now we’re going to head over to Buzzom.com. This is a cool little tool. There is a free version and a paid version and in this case we are going to use the paid version but we need to get logged in first. Since I am already logged into Arlene’s Twitter account all I need to do is click on Log In with Twitter and it will automatically log me in using her credentials from her Twitter account.

This will load a page where we need to click on allow and now we are logging directly into the Buzzom account. It redirects you back to the application where we can set up our Feed.  The tool we are looking for is called Feed Management. It reads, “Schedule your status messages to reach out to people on Twitter and FaceBook at different time zones. You can also control the number of updates, time cycle for your updates and repetition of your updates.”

This is very simple to set up and Arlene has set up a number of Feeds from EpilepsyMoms.com as you can see. It looks like there are about 10 or 12 of them there. This one on top is her main Feed so that any time anything happens on the main area of her website it will automatically send a tweet over to Twitter. Down below that are her various chat forums. She has this set up all individually.

To add a Feed it’s very simple to do. At the top of the page there is a field to paste your Feed url. Below that are boxes for your preferences on this particular Feed. In this case we want to update Twitter and we only want to update it once. You can actually have your post repeat so that it sends to your Twitter account over and over again but that’s not a preference of mine. I like to send it out once so you enter number 1 in that field.

If you do want it to repeat you enter the number of times you want it to repeat under the “repeat” field. The next box allows you to add a signature if you want but I usually don’t. You can also choose to send this over to FaceBook and select the various settings as well if you wanted to. Then you simply hit save and it will add your Feed to the list below.

If you have something you want to repeat a little bit I recommend being careful with it. You don’t want to spam Twitter. They are very sensitive to that. But that’s essentially it. All you need to do is log into the paid version of Buzzom.com and add in the Feeds you want updated automatically. If you only want your main Feed so that every time any action is added to your site it will automatically tweet to Twitter for you.

If you want to set up a separate one for your podcast you just add in another one. You can add a third one for your chat forum if you have one and then you can add one for your blog separately as well. You can set up as many RSS Feeds as you want but start off easy. Don’t get too carried away with it as you get comfortable with it all.

I think this is probably pretty straight forward. Good luck and I think you will find this a great, easy and reliable way to keep your Twitter account active and vibrant and continually bring your Twitter followers back to your site.

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