Google Panda Update, Did Your Site Drop, Danny Sullivan’s Inside Look, Duplicate Anchor Text, Content Quality, 5 Steps to Get Your Ranks Back

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

The focus of tonight's discussion is all about the most recent Google Panda update. With so many students experiencing a drop in traffic it's time to take a step back and assess what this update did and how to correct it.

James takes you through some of his research as he hit the forums after discovering some of his own site rankings were down. Through reputable forums and search engine masters James found some common factors across the board on sites who experienced a dip in traffic including the types of pages receiving the backlinks, the type of anchor text you used, quality of the pages on your site and more.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this update looked at the anchor text variations, or lack there of that are coming into your pages. James talks about some of the mistakes he made unintentionally using static anchor text on blog profiles that reulted in tons of duplicate phrases. After his site fell he simply made some changes to these bios and instantly his site jumped to the top.

The second most imporant factor considered revolved around the content on your website, both the page receiving anchor text as well as other pages. The reality is if your site is full of low quality articles Google isn't as interested in getting it ranked in the top. Looking closely at the pages receiving your backlinks determine if they are of the highest quality, offering up resources to the visitor.

To wrap everything up James shares an article written by Danny Sullivan as he shares his take on the update and it's impact for the small website owner. Then James shares an action plan to help you assess if you've lost your ranks and steps to follow to get them back. His five step plan emphasizes the primary areas to focus your efforts and how to take action now.

During this Live Q&A James discusses:

  • Google Panda update
  • Regaining rankings you lost
  • Danny Sullivans article on the update
  • Duplicate anchor text
  • Quality of articles on your site
  • 5 steps to get your ranks back
  • And much more

Listen to this interactive coaching session below for more powerful resources on building your revenue and optimizing your online business.


- Total Length: 50 minutes