`Fresh Content, #1 Spot in Google, Choosing Your Topic & Domain, Staying Focused, Quality Affiliate Programs and More

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

To open up tonight's Q&A James answers the question about fresh content and the most recent Panda Update. In light of the announcement that having fresh content on your site is a factor in the recent algorithm changes some webmasters are unsure of how this applies to their homepage. James clarifies what fresh content means and how it applies to your site as a whole.

Then James moves on to look at various shopping cart type websites that are holding in the number one position on Google. Participants want to know exactly how these sites are holding strong when content sites are losing their spot. James shares that it's not all about content. Rather many factors are considered when Google decides who to put in the top listings and these shopping cart sites are prime examples.

Next James talks about the process of settling on a topic and choosing your domain name. So many factors come into play when considering how to proceed. James shares recommendations on choosing a keyword rich domain versus a brandable one as well as criteria to set in choosing your topic.

Then you'll hear about the overwhelming workload that comes with beginning a new site from choosing your topic to beginning content. One student shares how he went from feeling confident to felling confused and overwhelmed, especially when it comes to organizing content on the site. James brings him back to the visitor profile as the most powerful tool in planning and organizing any website.

Beyond the content James talks about the best approach to finding quality affiliate networks, high converting products, and reliable merchants that are fair to their affiliates. He shares that it's all about the affiliate manager and their response up front tells a lot about what you can expect from their affiliate program.

During this Live Q&A James discusses:

  • Clarification on what fresh content is
  • Shopping cart sites ranking at number one - it's not all about content
  • Choosing your domain name
  • How to ensure webmasters keep anchor text in place with PAD
  • Upcoming training courses
  • And much more

Listen to this interactive coaching session below for more powerful resources on building your revenue and optimizing your online business.


- Total Length: 66 minutes