One Site vs. Multiple Sites, Applying for Affiliate Programs, How Backlinks Enhance Competitive Topics, Optimizing RSS Feeds in Search Engines, and Information on Drupal Tutorial Videos

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive question and answer period James digs into the pros and cons of having one site or multiple site. He discusses the process of building a successful affiliate business online from the perspective on one website and then divided it between multiple sites. He shows you the different possible scenarios and how to decide which way to proceed with your business.

Next James discusses the process for applying a Affiliate Programs and shares what order the tasks should be completed in. He shares information on the availability among merchants and things they consider when approving or denying your application.

James shows you how backlinks can make even the most competitive topic a successful business online. He explains in detail the importance of following the PAD Technique as you establish your backlinks for any topic. James further explains how RSS Feeds are optimized in search engines and how that helps your sites rankings.

James wraps up this interactive coaching session by discussing the Drupal tutorials in detail and gets input from the participants on their preferences of formatting, what tutorials are available now and what to look for in the future.

As you finish this coaching session you will have a better understanding of:

  • One site vs. multiple sites
  • Applying for Affiliate Programs
  • How backlinks enhance competitive topics
  • Optimizing RSS Feeds in the search engines
  • Drupal tutorials