Topics for PAD, Balancing PAD & Regular Content, Seeing Results, Using Pen Names, Twitter, Tweets, and ReTweets and SEO Gurus

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James starts off answering the question, how do we handle sites that are topic specific when writing series for multiple sites? He shares a live example he's been working on with parenting sites and articles on driving tips. This topic can be written at any angle from frugal living to safety measures. You'll hear how to set up a similar campaign for yourself.

Next James talks about juggling your backlinking efforts and adding fresh content to your site. He shares some tips on knowing how many articles to add per month weighed with how many PAD you already have published.

Then James goes into detail about how many PAD articles you need published to start seeing results. Though this question has many variables James shares markers to use when pushing forward with PAD and what you can expect.

It's common to use pen names when writing articles to distribute out on the internet. During this session you'll hear the mistakes James and Arlene has made in this process and how to avoid making the same mistakes so your author bios don't contradict one another and cause conflicts and embarrassments.

You'll hear James talk about ups and downs of hiring SEO marketers to promote your site and why your business is better served by staying away from them. You'll hear examples that have really been offered and quickly see how PAD is your best approach for SEO.

During this Live Q&A James discusses:

  • Crafting articles for PAD
  • Balancing regular content with PAD
  • Seeing results from your efforts
  • Using pen names for articles
  • Twitter, Tweets and ReTweets
  • SEO gurus
  • And much more

Listen to this Live Q&A below for powerful tools to create pages that serve the needs of your visitors and move them smoothly to your merchants.


- Total Length: 105 minutes