Submitting to Article Directories, NicheBot, Understanding the Keyword Results, Writer’s Spec for Hiring Writers, Tracking Your Google AdSense, Evaluating High Converting Merchants and Tips On Succeeding In a Downturn Economy

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

The Recent Coffee Talk Interview with Ryan Allis on email marketing, submitting articles to article directories, using NicheBot and understanding the keyword results, using blocks in Drupal, the writer's spec for hiring writers, tracking your Google AdSense, evaluating high converting merchants and tips on succeeding in a downturn economy

During this interactive coaching session James discusses his recent Coffee Talk Interview with Ryan Allis on email marketing and when it will be available for members to listen to. Then he talks about some new information on submitting articles on article directories including a new article directory he recently submitted to at

Next he talks about the keyword results that are returned from Nichebot and what those numbers mean. James clarifies what the numbers mean and how it applies to the overall data in regards to how popular the keywords are. He talks about developing content around recent press releases to assist you in getting ranked for current, newsworthy keywords for your website.

Then James discusses blocks inside the Drupal content management system and how they work. He uses control panel as a real example of what these placeholders look like and how to get them work for your site. He talks about the customization of these blocks from page to page and user to user.

James walks you through the writer's spec that he and Arlene has crafted and improved upon over the years with outsourcing. This specification helps to bring in more realistic bids that are really affordable. Then James talks about tracking your Google AdSense clicks in order to know which pages are making the most per click.. He discusses how you can start driving traffic to the pages you are making the most money on.

Next James gives a realistic explanation of how simple the affiliate business is. He uses the product page from Arlene's new merchant that pays an $85 commission. Then he goes into a detailed explanation of steps to take when selecting a high converting merchant for your topics.

Finally James wraps up this Live Q&A by discussing where to find information on how to sell in a bad economy and how to choose the best topic in this type of economy. He says you can always check the Google trends to see whether your topic is going up or down.

During this interactive Coaching Session James covers:

  • Submitting articles to article directories
  • Using Nichebot and understanding keywords
  • The writer's spec
  • Google AdSense and url tracking
  • Evaluating high converting merchants
  • Ways to succeed in a down economy

Listen to this LIVE Q&A below for powerful resources to build your online business.