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"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

James starts of this interactive session by sharing the importance of keeping your goals in front of you. He offers a practical solution to setup a start page on your computer that will keep you focused on your goals as you go about your daily tasks.

Next James gives detailed explanation of how the search engines treat affiliate sites vs. merchant sites. He emphasizes the importance of natural content and to keep the visitor as your primary focus while you are writing content. He explains how you can compete with the stores in the natural search by having the right content.

Then James goes into detail on how to use WordTracker to find keyword phrases and sort them for your content. He gives tips and solutions on picking your keyword phrases and why some are better than others.

James walks you step-by-step through a comparison of an article and a product page. He gives tips to write a quality product page that moves the visitor where you want them to go with limited distraction and clear ads.

During this interactive coaching session James covers:

  • Putting your goals in front of you
  • Search engine placement of affiliate sites
  • Competing with the merchant sites
  • Using WordTracker
  • Sorting and picking keyword phrases
  • Performing a backlink check
  • Keyword density rules when writing
  • Picking merchants that pay
  • Developing a product page
  • Ways to link to your products
  • And much more

Listen to this Live Q&A below for powerful tools to create pages that serve the needs of your visitors and move them smoothly to your merchants.


- Total Length: 107 minutes