Increasing the Number of Subscribers to Your RSS Feed, Video Tutorials for WordPress and Drupal, Using Google Website Optimizer, WordPress Installation Service, One-On-One 8-Week Coaching Sessions, and Website Critiques

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James shares a powerful tip he has been using to easily increase the subscribers to his website RSS feed by making one simple change to his newsletter thank you page. He takes you inside his Google Feed burner account to demonstrate how well this simple change works and encourages everyone to consider this option for themselves.

Next James talks about the newly added video tutorials for Word Press. By visiting the BootCamp website and signing in you will be able to locate each of these videos by scrolling down on the BootCamp video page. Each of these videos walks you through different steps for setting up as you build your site online.

Then James talks about Drupal and keeping up with their continual upgrade path. He shares that he has purchased a series of 17 videos tutorials for version 6 that will be made available to BootCamp members.

James gives a brief demonstration on using Google Website Optimizer to take a newly created product page and test its conversion. He uses the example of making a duplicate page of content with a slightly different headline to determine exactly which page converts the best.

Next James discusses a WordPress installation service available to members who would prefer to not deal with the technical end of setting up their website. He shares that he has put together an agreement with his tech to make this a smoother process for those who are interested.

Finally James talks about a recent experience of working one-on-one with 10 people over the course of 8 weeks. The coaching consists of meeting up on the phone each week with very specific action items to work on. Then throughout the week James is available for quick calls when you are stuck. In addition to the weekly one-on-one calls they meet up weekly as a group to discuss the weeks progress and struggles.

Another coaching session being offered is for members who have sites that are already put together and are looking for a brainstorming critique of their website in great detail. This is ideal for those who need another set of eyes on the site to improve their conversion or ranking.

During this Live Q&A James discusses:

  • Increasing your RSS feed subscriber base
  • WordPress and Drupal video tutorials
  • Google Website Optimizer
  • WordPress installation service
  • One-on-One coaching
  • 60-minute detailed website critique session
  • And much more

Beginning June 25th, in addition to MP3 audio, the live Q&A and coaching sessions are now also available on video, click here!