Using Surveys To Generate Content, Building Out Your Site, Coming Up With Ideas For A Newsletter, Getting Traffic To Your Site And Building A Business Around One Page Of Content

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

During this interactive coaching session James explains how using a survey is a valuable tool to help determine the topic of you content. He shares ideas on the type of questions to ask and how to encourage your visitors to answer the questions.

He shares detailed information on building out your website by comparing two options of staying niche or expanding more general to your area. Next explains the importance of generating a newsletter and offers ways to come up with ideas even if your topic doesn't seem conducive to having one.

Then James covers the different ways to bring traffic to your site and expresses how the proper use of media and press releases are very powerful tools. James wraps up this session by emphasizing how you can build a business around one page of content!

During this Live Q&A James covers:

  • Using surveys to generate content
  • Building our your site
  • Coming up with newsletter ideas
  • Powerful tools to get traffic
  • Building a business around 1 page of content
  • Plus tips on dedicating your homepage, building one product page at a time and much more

Listen to this LIVE Q&A for valuable methods of creating content that moves your visitors to act.