Protecting Your Site From Malware, Prioritizing PAD And Site Content, Guest Blogging, 2012 SUPER BootCamp

"LIVE" Q&A with James Martell

To begin tonight's LIVE Q&A James and Dan discuss in detail a growing concern of websites getting hacked with malware, the end result is having your site shut down and dropped from Google. They share the risks associated with getting hacked and tips on protecting your website.

Next James talks about where to focus your attention in content publication for your own site and PAD. He discusses the need for regular, fresh content for your own website as well as the importance of staying ahead of PAD. You'll hear how highly successful affiliates prioritize their PAD and tips on duplicating what they do.

Then James talks about guest blogging and how many PAD articles should be published to a single domain and still carry weight in Google. He shares things to consider when balancing out this question and explains how backlink credit is only a part of the guest blogging efforts.

Then James takes you on a tour of the "new" website after it's move from Drupal to Word Press. He explains the motivation behind the move, their new plans for the site and plans for the upcoming months as the new platform takes off.

To wrap up tonight's coaching session James talks about the new 2012 BootCamp ready to launch. He shares plans for the course, updated mini-courses and how to save your seat in the LIVE sessions.

During this Live Q&A James discusses:

  • Protecting your site from malware
  • Prioritizing PAD and regular site content
  • Guest blogging, how many articles to offer
  • Migration of
  • Upcoming 2012 SUPER BootCamp
  • And much more

Listen to this interactive coaching session below for more powerful resources on building your revenue and optimizing your online business.


- Total Length: 107 minutes