Podcast #13 – The BIG Question: Is Working from Home Right for You?

Sarah BundyInterview with Sarah Bundy

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, possesses more than a decade of online success in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketing is an exciting avenue for business owners who wish to increase their bottom line, and one of the perks many enjoy is working from home!

In this episode of The School of Internet Marketing podcast, James chats with Sarah Bundy, CEO of All Inclusive Marketing, in a candid discussion that explores the question: “Is Working from Home Right for You?”

PRO’s VS. CON’s when Working from Home

Sarah is the ideal candidate to discuss this topic as she multitasks from home every day, juggling responsibilities such as business owner, blogger, internet entrepreneur, instructor at The School of Internet Marketing, and certainly not least of all, working alongside her husband while they raise two kids.

While Sarah could write a book on the topic (co-authored with her husband, of course), James is no stranger to working from home with his spouse, as he spends his workdays in the home he shares with his wife Arlene. Tune in to hear Sarah and James discuss the PRO’s and CON’s of working from home as they relate to:

  • Home office expenses and the household budget
  • The size of the business you can run from home
  • Having employees and the best place to work with them

You won’t want to miss hearing Sarah and James discuss this question by sharing the perks and disadvantages they experience firsthand as they continually find new ways to juggle work and family life. Sarah began working from home on her own while pregnant with her oldest child. Tune in to hear how that changed once her husband, who is her polar opposite, began working alongside her every day!

Could you work from home every day? Could you work from home every day with your spouse? Could you juggle time on the job and time with the family when it’s all under the same roof? Listen to the entire episode now to hear both a male and female perspective on the topic. It could help you make the decision to work from home too!

Did You Enjoy the Interview?

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