Coffee Talk #087 – Mastering the Art of Negotiations with Roy Weissman, Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University

Roy WeissmanCoffee Talk with Roy Weissman

James Martell is a successful entrepreneur in the world of Internet Marketing, a popular speaker, and author, as well as the founder of The School of Internet Marketing…all in the hopes of helping you have a successful online presence.

In this episode of Coffee Talk, James sits down with Roy Weissman to discuss how to effectively negotiate to get more of what you want. You will learn why it’s what you do BEFORE you start negotiating that makes the biggest impact.

Roy has had a successful career in business development, as well as sales marketing in the media, entertainment, and digital media. He has negotiated millions of dollars in agreements with major companies such as Time Warner, Verizon, GE, Amazon, and even Jay Leno.

After honing his skills at familiar and successful companies such as Viacom, GE, Infoseek, he transformed a 50 year old company into a digital innovator as the first e-commerce B2B site in its segment, and grew it to more than double its size. Roy also teaches negotiation skills at Northeastern University, and as an instructor at The School of Internet Marketing.

The Big Picture

James asks, “Do most people even know what they want?” Roy says no. He goes on to explain how you need to know specific details of what you want BEFORE you even start negotiating, and many people don’t. Knowing your objective and considering all angles is all part of his negotiations, and he shares how to do it.

Also, find out the important differences between bargaining and negotiations, and that bargaining is only PART of negotiations. By learning the difference between the two, it will give you a significant advantage going into the talks.

The big picture of negotiations has many elements to it, and much of it occurs… or should, before you enter the room or discussion.

Hear how once you know the elements and put them into practice, you can see better results. Roy uses different examples of negotiating, such as when purchasing a car, or going to a market. Do you go to the first place, do research ahead of time on what your options are, or know what their reputation is?

Information is power in negotiations, and you will hear examples of this and advice on how to make it work for you.

The Various Elements in Negotiation

Roy shares some valuable information that will help you in your negotiations, especially if you know this ahead of time. Here is a short list of what you will hear from Roy:

  • Do your homework – know what you want and what they (or the product) have to offer
  • Call 3 to 5 people – by talking to enough people, you will actually learn what to ask
  • Establish a value – what is included and what is it worth to you
  • Attitude – your attitude and demeanour will rub off on the other party

After listening to Roy, you will know why it’s not just a matter of getting the best price. Tune into this episode to learn how there is far more to negotiating, and how you can master it to get what you want and need.

As a bonus, you will hear what Roy has to offer in his courses at The School of Internet Marketing to help you become a successful negotiator.

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