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Website Building
Website 101
How to Build Your Website in a Weekend
...with Don Campbell, Founder of Expand2Web
You don’t just need a website that you can be proud of; you need a one that reaches your customers and prospects where they are. In this course, you will learn how to build a website that is search engine ready and completely mobile/social media enabled. You’ll be ready to generate new leads and customers via Google, Facebook, Twitter and mobile apps, all with a website completely and easily controlled by you.
Small Business Blueprint
How to Develop a Successful Web Presence for Your Business
...with Roy Weissman, Managing Director at Octopus
In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to develop a successful and manageable web presence that garners top Google rankings and attracts new customers to your business. We’ll even teach you how to find low-cost designers and writers for your site. You will learn how to use online video, one of the top trends in marketing, to bring in new business to grow your sales. We’ll also let you know the real truth about online advertising, saving you time and money.
Social Media
Facebook 101
How to Use Facebook to Win New Customers
...with Stephanie Lichtenstein, CEO of Micro Media Marketing
This dynamic course will teach you how to use Facebook to its fullest potential for winning new customers, maximizing your visibility and building brand loyalty. You’ll learn how to increase customer engagement, build valuable traffic, target your best audience and automate your content to save time and add value. This course walks you through everything from setting up your company page to creating dynamic promotions and content that goes viral.
Twitter 101
How to Maximize the Potential of this Powerful Social Network
...introduced by James Martell, Founder of The School of Internet Marketing
In this course, Stephanie Lichtenstein provides a practical framework for increasing customer engagement and loyalty by using Twitter for business. The course explains how to use popular directories to get more followers and acquire new customers. This course also gives real examples of Twitter basics and using Twitter to build brand awareness, setting up your account to suit your needs, optimizing your bio to get more followers, and publishing schedule and automating tweets to save time.
Pinterest 101 - Coming Fall 2014
How to Create a Pinterest Marketing Plan that Gets Results
...introduced by James Martell, Founder of The School of Internet Marketing
Pinterest is an incredible tool for building your business. Learn to set up and optimize your profile, create and populate your boards, develop and retain followers, promote your Pinterest on other platforms and negotiate cross-promotion with other companies. You’ll also have a solid understanding of how to set up a pinning schedule, automate many of your Pinterest tasks and create a Pinterest marketing plan that gets results.
FourSquare 101 - Coming Winter 2014
How to Claim Your Venue to Drive New Business
...introduced by James Martell, Founder of The School of Internet Marketing
This course maps out a simple, actionable plan for utilizing FourSquare. You’ll learn what FourSquare is and how it works, how to claim your venue and use the merchant dashboard and which free tools will best impact your business. You’ll also learn advanced techniques in FourSquare marketing, such as how to create specials that drive new business, how to motivate customers to check in, how to set up a winning promotion and track your results.
LinkedIn 101
How to Build Your Brand and Establish Your Credibility
...introduced by James Martell, Founder of The School of Internet Marketing
LinkedIn is becoming a more powerful networking resource every day. This course will take you through both the basics of using LinkedIn and advanced strategies for using it to its best potential. Learn how to set up and optimize your profile, set up a dynamic company page, build your brand and establish your credibility. You’ll also understand how and when to start your own group, how to utilize existing groups, how to create an actionable marketing plan and how to use the most essential LinkedIn tools to build and maximize your connections.

Traffic Building
Email Marketing 101
How to Develop a Highly Responsive Email List
...with James Martell, Founder of The School of Internet Marketing
If you are not harnessing the power of email marketing, you’re losing sales. In this course, you will learn how to develop an email marketing plan that utilizes newsletters, special offers and promotions, and compelling, effective opt-ins to engage your current customers and drive new business. You will learn where to find low-cost designers, writers and tech support and use this inexpensive marketing tool to grow and sustain your business with very little time and effort on your part.
Guest Blogging Mastery
How to Gain Exposure through Guest Blogging
...with James Martell, Founder of The School of Internet Marketing
Put your commute or workout time to use as you learn how to use guest blogging to drive traffic to your site, establish your brand and get exposure for your business on some of the internet’s most popular, high-traffic blogs. Learn how to get your articles published and use them to speak directly to your target audience, increase sales, establish your business as an authority and build credibility for your brand.

Backlinks Workshop
How to Build Quality Links to Your Site
...with James Martell, Founder of The School of Internet Marketing
In this intensive course, you’ll learn the history and purpose of backlinks and how to maximize the marketing potential of backlinks to build your customer base and increase traffic to your site. Learn step by step how to use Google to lead customers to your business with proven strategies that will help you gain top rankings. This course also simplifies the strategies you need to maximize your site through on-page optimization, guest blogging and even outsourcing winning content.
YouTube 101
How to Optimize Your Videos for Top Rankings
...with Dan Maynard, SEO College Director at
This simply laid-out course will take from YouTube beginner to YouTube expert in the minimum of time. You’ll understand the history of YouTube, how it works and how to set up your own channel. We’ll teach you how to navigate your dashboard, streamline tasks and analyze your stats. You’ll then learn proven methods of optimizing your videos for top rankings in both YouTube and Google, driving traffic to your videos and website.
Negotiating for Traffic (and Everything Else)
How to Effectively Negotiate to Get More of What You Want!
…with Roy Weissman, Managing Director at Octopus
If you are not harnessing the true power of negotiations, you are leaving money on the table. In this course, you will learn how there is far more to negotiating than just getting the best price, and how you can master the process to get what you want and need. You will learn why it’s what you do BEFORE you start negotiating that makes the biggest impact. You will learn why knowing your objective and considering all angles is all part of negotiations. By taking this course, you will learn how to effectively negotiate to get what you want and need.

Outsourcing Essentials
How to Hire a Remote Team Get More Done in Less Time
...with James Martell, Founder of The School of Internet Marketing
To be truly successful today, you must be able to delegate tasks easily, inexpensively and safely, freeing you up to invest your time where it’s most needed. Learn how to tap into a hugely talented and surprisingly inexpensive pool of over 2-million writers, designers and techies, building a team that is completely virtual, giving you the skilled staff you need without the overhead of added employees. You’ll wonder how you ever conducted business without these highly-skilled cloud contractors!

Google Tools
Google Analytics
How to Increase Sales & Profits with Google Analytics
...with Jonathan Goodman, President of Halyard Consulting
Without understanding and knowing how to exploit Google Analytics, you are running your website in the dark. You need to know who is visiting, where they learned about you and what they need. You will learn how to monitor visitor activity, see what parts of your site and which ads are working and which are not, how to improve conversions and opt-ins and how to keep your target audience right where you want them: at your front door.

Google Authorship Markup
How to Develop Content Authority with Google Authorship
...with Jonathan Goodman, President of Halyard Consulting
Google Authorship markup is an essential tool to building your brand and increasing your exposure to potential customers. You will learn how to set up your Google+ profile, including how to have your photo show up next to your listings in the Google results, why click-throughs are important to Google and your Google ranking and how to increase those click-throughs dramatically to drive sales and grow your online presence.

Specialty Courses
Affiliate Marketers BootCamp
How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs
...with James Martell, Founder of The School Of Internet Marketing
Learn how to build a profitable, high-traffic affiliate site that you can be proud of. You will learn how to choose your best topics, create a website blueprint, identify profitable keywords and keep your site profitable and efficient by using outsourced talent and high-converting affiliate offers targeted to your audience. This course is a fast-track plan to building additional income.


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