Podcasting Success for NON-TECHIES!

The 12-Part Formula for Developing a Podcast That'll Impress All Who Hear It!

If you are looking to develop a podcast of your own you will be able to do so by acting on this information.

The course is a condensed version of James Martell's Podcasting Mastery course, however, all the essential points are covered. Those with high-motivation will have in their hands a complete action-plan to develop a podcast that'll impress all who hear it.

This 12-part video mini course was recorded by James Martell for a select group of students brought together by Ricky Shetty, founder of the Blog Mastery Conference, and hosted at Michelle Abraham's MWORK LAB, home of the West Coast Podcast Network in Port Coquitlam, BC Canada.

The course includes 16 mp4 videos, companion audio and a workbook and covers:


  • Chapter no. 01 - Why Are YOU Starting a Podcast?
  • Chapter no. 02 - 7 Steps to Set Podcasting Goals!
  • Chapter no. 03 - Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Chapter no. 04 - Budgeting – A Look at the Numbers


  • Part #1 - Select the RIGHT Name for Your Show!
  • Part #2 - Choose the IDEAL Format to Impress Listeners!
  • Part #3 - Identify Topics to ATTRACT Your Ideal Clients
  • Part #4 - Grow Your Audience FAST Interviewing Guests
  • Part #5 - Get FOUND by Standardizing Business Information
  • Part #6 - Identify the EXACT Audio You Need to Impress
  • Part #7 - Why You MUST Use Professional Headshot
  • Part #8 - Easily STANDOUT with Custom Show Artwork
  • Part #9 - Simple Ways to MONETIZE Your Podcast
  • Part #10 - Organize a Episode Outline that SELLS!
  • Part #11 - Get FOUND with SEO Friendly “Show Notes”
  • Part #12 - Establish a "Publishing Routine“ to WIN

*These video can played on your computer or mobile device. Session lengths are between 4 and 20 minutes.