Coffee Talk #081 – How to Use LinkedIn to Expand Contacts and Grow Your Business

Stephanie LitchensteinCoffee Talk with Stephanie Lichtenstein

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, has seen the benefits of partnering with like-minded individuals online. In this edition, he talks with Stephanie Lichtenstein about LinkedIn, the social network for business people.

LinkedIn is the place to go when you want to look for jobs, form strategic partnerships, and seek out new business opportunities. Many people are still ignoring LinkedIn, but with over 175,000,000 registered users, it’s worth your while to know your way around the site.

Not Just Another Social Network

Stephanie asks - “Are you interested in doing business?” If the answer is yes, you should be on LinkedIn. It’s more than just another social networking site - your LinkedIn profile serves as your online resume. Use LinkedIn to let others know who you are, what industry you work in, your education and experience, and what sets you apart from your peers.

LinkedIn is not just for job hunters - corporate professionals and business owners alike can find opportunities to pursue.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry - in this podcast, Stephanie walks through signing up and setting up your profile. She’ll also introduce some of the great features LinkedIn has to offer, including:

  • Groups - How to connect with like-minded professionals through groups (or set up your own!)
  • Recommendations - Establish credibility by getting recommendations from people you've worked with.
  • Company Pages - Give LinkedIn users the opportunity to follow your company for news and updates.
  • Profile Wizard - Complete your profile quickly and comprehensively as LinkedIn walks you through each step.

Learn the Ins and Outs of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place connect with people from the past as well as those you’d like to do business with in the future. Whether you’re looking to hire someone or be hired yourself, you’ll find people to connect with. In fact, Stephanie actually offers step-by-step examples of how to connect with people you’d love to work with on the website.

She even gives you the scoop on how to get past the “How do you know this person?” question on LinkedIn when you’re looking to connect with someone you haven’t yet met.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed about getting active on another social media website. Setting up your presence is on LinkedIn is not difficult and it doesn't take a lot of time. The opportunities you reap will make it well worth your while. Listen in as Stephanie offers all encompassing info on setting up your profile.

Stephanie Lichtenstein is a leading social media expert and the founder of Micro Media Marketing, a social media marketing agency that offers comprehensive marketing services to affiliate marketers, small businesses, and Hispanic brands.

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