James Martell

James MartellJames Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, is a self-taught Internet marketing pioneer with over ten years in the industry. Recognized as an expert in his field by his peers, James has become a successful author as well as a sought-after speaker. His true passion is teaching the proven methods behind his success to his students and his continuing education courses and curriculum have become extremely popular. His acclaimed Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook was released in 2002 and is currently in its third iteration--currently undergoing revision soon to be released in a fourth edition.

James has a long history of educating forward-thinking individuals looking for expert guidance building and running successful websites. He created and hosted the first ever class on affiliate marketing in 2001 and has since expanded his real-life classroom into the virtual world, launching James Martell’s Affiliate Marketer’s Bootcamp in 2006 and expanding that into the Super Bootcamp in 2008.

In addition to instructing students new to the world of internet marketing, James continues to provide unique, timely, and valuable information to those already in the business as well. In fact, he is the creator and host of the very first (and longest running) podcast about affiliate marketing (The Affiliate Buzz). Another of his creations, the Coffee Talk series of interviews with Internet insiders, is packed full of inside information James extracts from a list of guests which includes high-ranking executives from PR Web, Commission Junction (to name a few), former Google and Amazon employees, innovative start-up owners, and even several of his extremely successful students who have become expert marketers themselves.

James’ approach to learning has always been a no-nonsense one and that’s why his curriculum is broken down into bite-sized chunks, each explained thoroughly. He is so passionate about proving that even people who would have never thought of building a website can succeed that he’s written a start-up guide called Online Success for NON-TECHIES – How to Take Your Business, Hobby or Profession to the Internet!

James has given talks and presentations at numerous seminars and symposiums across North America including Commission Junction University, Affiliate Summit, The System Seminar, 10 Golden Rules BootCamp, Affiliate Convention, AffCon2010, eComXpo and the Digital River LAB.

James resides in a seaside community south of Vancouver, B.C. Canada (where he loves to show off his 1965 Shelby Cobra replica) with his wife, Arlene, and four children, Adam, Justin, Shelby and Victoria. He credits the Internet marketing skills he has learned over the past decade for allowing him to live the type of life he always wanted and couldn’t be happier.

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