Coffee Talk #085 – Online Marketing for Small Businesses – How Far Will Your Business Grow?

Dr. Jeri AndersonCoffee Talk with Dr. Jeri Anderson

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, has achieved success as an Internet marketer by taking advantage of free natural search engine traffic. You cannot purchase these listings; It’s all about learning effective techniques to boost those search engine rankings.

In this edition of Coffee Talk, James Martell, talks with Dr. Jeri Anderson about drawing in this natural search traffic to gain customers. Dr. Anderson is an award-winning chiropractor based in Sacramento, CA who successfully uses the internet to attract new patients.

Build Your Brand - It’s Simpler Than Ever Before!

It’s never been easier to convey your brand exactly how you want to in order to gain exposure to the right customers. Marketing online will help you get the most “bang for your buck” as print advertising becomes more and more obsolete.

Listen in for tips on marketing your business online, including:

  • Using WordPress to build a simple and powerful website
  • Finding the time in your busy schedule to manage your online presence
  • How to focus your efforts to blow your competition out of the water
  • Why you should stop wasting money on useless online ad campaigns
  • Choosing the right keywords to target
  • Building backlinks to improve your search engine rankings

Maybe you have a website that’s not really working for you, or maybe you haven’t even gotten that far yet. Whatever your situation is, you’ll find actionable steps you can take to build your online presence in this podcast.

Create Killer Content to Establish Your Expertise

You’ll hear about the kind of content you should include on your website and hear as Dr. Jeri maps out exactly how she would get started today if she had to do it all over again. Listen to this podcast for access to her and James’s expert insight on succeeding online. The two have both found extraordinary success online and want to help you do the same.

Putting out great content helps your business in a number of situations. When customers are searching for what you have to offer, you want them to find you! A website full of relevant, useful content ensures that they will. You might consider:

  • Information that solves your customers’ problems.
  • Product reviews.
  • The latest news in your industry.

If you want your website to bring in the business for you, you must have a plan for adding fresh content on a consistent, regular basis. There are tools you can use to schedule content publishing in advance. This is just one of the techniques Dr. Jeri touches on for time-crunched business owners who need to know exactly how to efficiently manage their website.

It’s time to get started building your online presence. You have to begin somewhere - this edition of Coffee Talk will help you determine exactly how to do just that. Listen in to find out where to get started and how to maintain your efforts for long-term rewards.

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