Coffee Talk #048 – Learn How to Select Quality Merchants, Effects of Seasonality on Sales, and the Hottest Trends From Carolyn Tang, Director of Client Services for

Coffee Talk with Carolyn Tang, Director of Client Services for ShareASale

In his quest to bring better understanding to the affiliate marketing industry, James Martell, successful affiliate marketer and President of Net Guides Publishing, Inc. interviews another industry insider in his latest Coffee Talk series that will bring usable, real-world knowledge to affiliate marketers looking for increased sales and financial success.

Today James speaks with Director of Client Services, Carolyn Tang. Carolyn is responsible for facilitating relationships between affiliates and merchants for one of the most successful and highly rated affiliate networks. With a B.A from the University of California at Berkley, a master’s degree from Northwest University in journalism and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago, Carolyn not only has the knowledge, but her experience as an affiliate manager for and give her the experience dealing with affiliates and merchants.

Carolyn’s extensive experience gives her unique insight’s to the affiliate marketing industry. In her interview with James she explains how affiliate marketing is really about building relationships, not just with potential buyers but also between the affiliate and the merchant.

In this Coffee Talk interview Carolyn and James discuss:

  • The importance of a strong relationship between affiliates and merchants
  • How to select quality merchants and what to look for when searching for them
  • Building a strong relationship with the merchants’ affiliate managers
  • How to improve your chances of getting accepted by affiliate networks
  • What products are selling best right now
  • The effects of seasonality on sales and how to counteract those effects
  • Hot trends and new products that could be the next big niche

In addition to this insightful information, Carolyn and James explain how the affiliates, merchants and affiliate networks work together to increase sales and profit for everyone involved. The bottom line, Carolyn explains, communication is what it all comes down to in affiliate marketing success.

Her job is to help facilitate that communication and she can help affiliate marketers understand how best to build that important merchant relationship and find financial success. Learning to better communicate is always a successful strategy, in life and in business. Take the time to sit in on this educational conversation with James and Carolyn. Their industry knowledge and experience will bring your understanding of affiliate marketing to a new level and help jump-start your successful affiliate marketing business.